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Social action

We love London; its diversity, its vibrancy and the opportunities that can be found here. However, immense prosperity lives side-by-side with severe poverty, and at Christ Church we want to play our part in alleviating some of the pain and brokenness that can be found in this city, and across the world.

We are involved in a number of different social action projects across the capital to support some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.

As well as trying to make a positive contribution in our local community, we also look towards poverty further afield and are involved with a number of international projects. Scroll down to find out more about our international partnerships.

Who we work with

Mentoring refugees

Refugee Education UK runs educational mentoring schemes across London, supporting young refugees who have been referred to them through local colleges and refugee organisations.

London is home to thousands of refugees who have fled conflict zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran and Zimbabwe. Many have suffered horrific exploitation and once in the UK they face months of uncertainty as their cases are investigated.

Mentoring provides support for people to progress to the next stage of their education or employment, whilst also building stable relationships with them. Each mentor and young person meet for at least four hours per month for six months.

We love partnering with REUK both financially and through volunteers, and are always in need of new mentors to join the team.

Click here to find out how to donate to RSN.

Volunteer with REUK


GrowTH is a charity based in Tower Hamlets set up to help local churches care for those affected by poverty and homelessness in their communities.

GrowTH’s main project is a night shelter that offers emergency shelter to local homeless people, completely free of charge. The shelter is run in church halls across the borough and by volunteers from local churches who provide friendship and conversation as well as beds and hot meals. Homeless guests also receive support from employed Advocate Workers who help to secure more permanent accommodation.

Christ Church London particularly partners with Bow Baptist Church on the nights they host the shelter and there are always volunteering opportunities, from simply befriending homeless guests to helping to cook and serve the evening meal. Just get in touch using the tab below and say that you are from Christ Church London.

Volunteer with GrowTH
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Want to help? Isaiah 53 invites us to give ourselves on behalf of the poor. We think that could include giving of our:

  • Prayers

    Praying with and for those in need is one of the easiest and most important ways to contribute to our community.

  • Time

    Volunteering for charities and projects that befriend, support and advocate on behalf of those in need. You can find examples of those on this page.

  • Resources

    Using what God has given us for the good of others.

  • Work

    Wherever you are currently employed, you can help to strengthen the ethical practices of your industry.

  • Voice

    We are called to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, whether that’s through a position of influence or through a Facebook post.

  • Purchasing Power

    Changing our shopping habits has the potential of changing the working conditions of the people who grow our food and make our clothes. Our friends at Together St are particularly interested in ethical fashion and their blog offers suggestions for buying ethical and sustainable clothing.

    Together St

Who we support

International Justice Mission

Today, right now, slavery is stealing the lives and hopes of millions of children and families around the world. The sad truth is that more people are trapped in slavery today than at any other time in history.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

International Justice Mission has been on the front lines fighting to protect the poor from violence such as slavery for almost 20 years.

By partnering with local authorities, NGOs and churches, every year IJM’s lawyers, investigators and social workers help to rescue & restore thousands of victims, secure the convictions of hundreds of criminals and protect millions by working to transform local justice systems so that they work for the poor.

IJM works to protect the poor all over the world, but here at Christ Church we are particularly interested in the work they are doing in the Dominican Republic to help bring an end to the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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Tearfund works in over 50 of the world’s poorest countries to help communities overcome the worst effects of poverty and disasters. They work through a network of local churches and community development projects and so are well placed to respond immediately and effectively to man-made and natural disasters. Since 2006 their disaster response has benefitted over 12 million people.As a church we donate to their disaster relief work each year, but through their website you are also able to give personally to their current appeals, including their Yemen appeal, Cyclone Idai appeal and the Rohingya Refugee Emergency Crisis. Plus you can sign up there for weekly prayer requests.

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Everyday a shocking 17,000 children under the age of five die, most from completely preventable causes, and the vast majority in the developing world.

It’s heart-breaking that often the simplest of interventions like basic healthcare, hygiene and sanitation, vaccinations, nutritious food and safe water could have prevented these deaths.

For the last 60 years Compassion has been providing those things for some of the poorest children in the world and Christ Church London is proud to be supporting them as they continue to bring hope to children living in desperate poverty.

Our community is now sponsoring over 80 children.

A woman smiling and holding her child.

Child Survival Programs

Compassion works with mothers to keep them safe and supported from pregnancy through to their child's infancy, by providing medical care, supplies and training.

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