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Child Survival Programs

For millions of women living in poverty the journey into motherhood is fraught with danger. In the next 24 hours an estimated 800 women will die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Of these women 99 percent live in developing countries.*

Compassion’s Child Survival Program is working to reduce these troubling maternal mortality statistics. Through the local church, they are reaching some of the world’s most vulnerable mothers, giving both mum and baby the best possible start.

They do this by providing holistic care to mothers throughout their pregnancy, and on until their child is old enough to enter the Sponsorhip program. The women receive practical help in the form of medical care, basic nutrition and baby & toddler supplies, but also emotional and spiritual support, plus education & training to help them start their own businesses.

ChristChurch London proudly supports the work of Compassion in Rwanda by funding two Child Survival Programs that are helping to change the lives of over 250 mothers and children.

You can watch a short video about CSPs here, and you can read more about the CSPs we support in Rwanda here and here.

*WHO, 2014, Fact Sheet No 348.