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We meet at 10.30am every Sunday at the Cryer Arts Theatre. We'd love you to join us!


We love being able to do church with our best friends in a place we love, and we’d love you to be part of our community. We hope to provide a sense of home for everyone, especially those who’ve never stepped foot in church before. Our aim is to be good news to our local community, to explore faith together and to experience God’s power in even the most ordinary moments of our lives. Come along to a warm welcome and find out what the next step on your faith journey might be. We can’t wait to meet you!


Andy and Joy Tilsley Sutton Service Leaders

We'd also love to introduce you to Vivian Lam, our Cantonese-speaking pastor, who leads our Cantonese Service and is helping to welcome & serve Hong Kongers as they make their home in the local area.

隨著很多香港人來到英國,我們祝願大家不但適應生活,也漸漸視這裡為「家」。體會過程中面對不少挑戰、不同感受,我們與英國的基督教華僑佈道會(COCM)合作,宣教士Vivian ─ 善於說廣東話的傳道,和大家一起同行,互為支持。

Vivian Lam Cantonese-speaking pastor 07307 915132

What to expect

Our Sutton Service is a place for everyone, with no belief system required. Each Sunday we spend time listening to a talk, worshipping God and learning to enjoy His presence with us, and building great friendships. We start each Sunday at 10.30am and we have inclusive kids work catering for children from 0 up. If you’re free, we’d also love you to join us for lunch afterwards!

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Vision Talk

In January 2022, Andy gave a vision talk to our Sutton service. Take a listen to find out more about this service.


Got questions? Try Alpha

If you have questions about what life is all about, our Alpha Course is for you. Everyone is welcome!

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