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Christ Church London (CCL) exists for the social, cultural and spiritual renewal of our city.

As a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1111950), CCL has a specific and distinct calling to deliver on its charitable objectives and outwork its mission in a safe and positive way.

Therefore, our ways of working reflect our values and are incorporated into our governance, policies, procedures and operating model.

Christ Church London is led by a group of Senior Leaders who have overall responsibility for doctrine and discipleship of the CCL community across our various services.

Below you will find details about how Christ Church London is organised, run and managed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Cobbold, Head of Operations.

Board of Trustees

CCL is a registered charity and therefore is required to have a Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees provides strategic oversight and guidance to help the leadership team as they work towards delivering the long-term vision. There are specific roles the trustees play individually as well as in various committees and working groups. Trustees are selected and appointed based on a number of factors to ensure a broad scope of skills, expertise and interest but above all they share the vision and values of the church.

Company Secretary

Trustee Committees

There are various committees that the trustees sit on to support the Leadership Team in making decisions and maintaining accountability to our charitable objectives.

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee


Investment and Property Committee


Pay and Performance Committee


Council of Reference

Over the years we have benefited enormously from connecting with others who have similar values but different perspectives. Relationships like this enable us to learn and grow and to receive encouragement and challenge.

We have asked a number of our friends who are senior leaders from the UK and across the world to act as a Council of Reference for us. These leaders are from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, and while they don’t have operational responsibility for the running of CCL, or make decisions on behalf of the church, they support us in prayer, advice and friendship.