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Give Your Heart to God
David Stroud

This Sunday, David helped us prepare for our Gift Day by looking at the story of Elijah and the widow at Zarephath found in 1 Kings. We're encouraged to learn from the widow's example - to give out of faith rather than fear, to trust God with our future, and to give our whole hearts to Him.


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Gift Day

Joel Wade 15th May 2022

This Sunday, Joel helped us prepare for our Gift Day by looking at our Generosity Liturgy. This prayer shows us how giving shapes our hearts – it’s an act of worship, a way to resist temptation, a choice to be generous, and a process of becoming more like Jesus.


Believing the Risen King

James Copeland 24th April 2022

Thomas struggled to believe when the other disciples told him about Jesus’ resurrection. But Jesus revealed Himself to Thomas, and invited him to come close. This encounter shows us a picture of how Jesus meets with us in our own times of questioning. In this talk, James looks at how we can stay close to Jesus and trust Him even amidst our doubts.


Encountering the Risen King

Jo Wells 1st May 2022

On the road to Damascus, Saul had a powerful encounter with Jesus that completely changed the course of His life. In this talk, Jo looks at how we can continuously encounter Jesus in the normal, everyday moments of our lives – and as a result, continue to become more like Him.

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Talk series

This series will help us explore Jesus’ journey to the cross in the lead up to Easter, and to understand the revolutionary power of His resurrection in our lives. Jesus is continually inviting us to lay down our lives, in order to fully receive the new life He offers us. And this new life is one of hope, power, transformation, and a love that never gives up. Easter changes everything!

The letter of 1 Peter creates a picture of who we are personally and collectively: a people of God alive with His hope, purpose and strength. Each talk will look at a different aspect of our identity and purpose as God’s children, and how we have been brought into a new family, a new identity and a new, living hope.

In John’s gospel there are seven sayings, where Jesus declares Himself to be none other than God, and the answer to humanity’s deepest longings. In this series, we will explore the ‘I Am’ sayings of Jesus, and consider how He is the answer to the pains and problems of this broken world.

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