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A Tale of Two Daughters
Natalie Powell

This story from Luke follows two separate dramas that become intertwined in a way that couldn’t be foreseen. The characters and events intrude on each other and result in us seeing how Jesus is a Saviour we can trust in both our desperation and even death.


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The Good Samaritan (A Lesson of Love)

James Copeland 10th September 2023

What does Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan teach us about love and compassion? In this talk, James explores how the parable reflects God’s heart for us and our neighbours.


Who Do You Say I Am?

Simon Mackenzie

At the time of Jesus, the popular opinion of the Messiah was one who’d bring revolution by overthrowing the conquering forces of Israel. While opinions were spreading as to who he might be, here Jesus begins to reveal the true nature of what God’s Messiah was prophesied to do. In this talk, Simon explores Jesus’ desire for our opinions to be shaped by a personal relationship with him rather than popular opinions of our time.


Summer Retreat 2023 Session 3: Joshua Luke Smith

Joshua Luke Smith 27th August 2023

What captivated and convinced the earliest followers of Jesus to surrender everything they had to follow Him? Is it possible for us to be filled with that same conviction today? In this talk, Joshua Luke Smith reflects on some of the ingredients of what this deep conviction looks like, and how it leads us to surrender and devote everything we are and have to Jesus.

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Talk series

In this series we’ll explore the world-changing story of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. It’ll be a chance to not only see why the Gospel stories are important, but how we can actually read and understand them. We’ll get to immerse ourselves in Jesus’ life, teachings, death, and resurrection. But we’ll also explore key people and themes throughout Luke that will help challenge and encourage us as followers of Jesus in today’s world.

What does generosity mean and look like as a follower of Jesus today? Why is generosity a core part of who we are as disciples? In this series (part of ‘Life to the Full’), we’ll explore why generosity is a key marker for Christians, and what it means to follow Jesus generously with our money, resources, time, work, possessions, and more. We’ll look at some biblical passages that relate to generosity, money, wealth, and stewardship.

This four talk series explores each of these themes and promises of God, that we might experience and grow in each of them as we reflect on all that He has done and all that is to come. This series will help us to reflect on Advent as a season of waiting and longing; a season to sit with the darkness, with the promise of hope to be fulfilled. It’s a season to remember the coming of Jesus 2000 years ago and to actively wait for His coming again! We don’t wait alone; He is with us in the waiting. He is our Love, Joy, Peace and Hope.

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