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International Justice Mission

Today, right now, slavery is stealing the lives and hopes of millions of children and families around the world. The sad truth is that more people are trapped in slavery today than at any other time in history.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

International Justice Mission has been on the front lines fighting to protect the poor from violence such as slavery for almost 20 years.

By partnering with local authorities, NGOs and churches, every year IJM’s lawyers, investigators and social workers help to rescue & restore thousands of victims, secure the convictions of hundreds of criminals and protect millions by working to transform local justice systems so that they work for the poor.

IJM works to protect the poor all over the world, but here at ChristChurch we are particularly interested in the work they are doing in the Dominican Republic to help bring an end to the sex-trafficking of children.

The Field Office in the Dominican Republic may be one of IJM’s newest, but in the 3 short years it has been open it has seen more convictions of sex traffickers and has rescued more children from the sex trade then anyone had managed to do in the 10 years before its arrival combined.

ChristChurch London supports the Dominican Republic Field Office financially, but also through prayer and by writing letters of encouragement to the staff team.

If you would like to receive monthly prayer updates from the Field Office in DR, or would like to write a letter of encouragement and support, get in touch with Tim Frisby

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IJM National Prayer Gathering

Saturday 19th November, St Paul’s Hammersmith, London. Sign up here.
Fernando Rodriguez, the Director of the DR Field Office is going to be the keynote speaker.

IJM Dominican Republic

Because the office in the Dominican Republic is still relatively new, it often takes time until the first stories of success happen. So when the team was able to celebrate the first conviction after only a year, it was all the more sweet. In December 2015, two Dominican men were put behind bars where they will spend the next 20 years in prison for sexually abusing a young teen, receiving the maximum sentence allowable under Dominican law. The convictions are a major victory for IJM’s team in the Dominican Republic and for 15-year-old Clarisa,* who testified against the two men. “In a country where few human trafficking cases are investigated due to a lack of trained and equipped law enforcement personnel to investigate such crimes, each trial represents a critical moment to obtain justice for the survivor and to send a message to the community that these criminals will be held accountable,” said IJM Field Office Director Fernando Rodriguez. You can read the full story here.
*A pseudonym.

Fernando Rodriguez spoke at the IJM Global Prayer Gathering earlier this year. You can see his message here.

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Ted Talk by Gary Haugen, the founder of IJM
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