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We believe our city is best served when followers of Jesus are devoted to seeking God’s presence in their daily lives. Therefore, during Lent we are inviting the church to renew our devotion to God and pray for revival in our city.

What is Lent?

Lent is a six-week period that leads us into celebrating Easter, in a similar way that Advent leads up to Christmas. It is a time typically characterised by confession, fasting, and prayer, asking for God’s help in renewing our commitment to him. For thousands of years, followers of Jesus have observed it as a way to prepare their hearts to commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection in Holy Week and Easter.

Below are some resources and events to help us on this journey.

Weekly Devotionals

Each week, we will release a devotional to guide our prayers, asking God’s help in renewing our commitment to him and preparing our hearts for Easter.


Join us for our upcoming events during Lent and Easter.


During Lent, we are preaching through Luke’s Gospel to reflect on themes in Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem and, ultimately, to the cross. Listen to what these themes mean for our journey as disciples in today’s world.


Adnan Khan 17th March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Adnan Khan looks at how Jesus calls his disciples to pray with confidence and humility, believing that God is good in character and hears our prayers not due to our merit but his mercy.


Counting the Cost

Natalie Powell 3rd March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Natalie Powell looks at Jesus’ call to prioritise following him above anything or anyone else in life, and his charge to surrender everything we are and have to be his disciple.



Jonny May 25th February 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Jonny May looks at Luke 17:1-10, exploring the power of forgiveness and how it affects our relationship with ourselves, others, and with God.


The Way of Humility

Joel Wade 18th February 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Joel Wade looks at how Jesus’ journey to the cross models a life of humility and generosity.


The Rich Man and Lazarus

Andy Tilsley 24th March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Andy Tilsley looks at Jesus’ story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), and explores our attitude to money, those in need, and our very real need for relationship with Jesus. 



Natan Mladin

In our series on Lent through Luke, Natan Mladin looks at Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus the tax collector, and how his call to follow Jesus brims into a life of generosity and gratitude.


Easter Sunday

Andy Tilsley

Andy Tilsley teaches from Luke 24:1-8 for Easter Sunday.

  • Fasting

    Throughout Scripture, God’s people have undergone periods of abstaining from food and devoting themselves to prayer. During Lent, we are inviting the church to fast every Thursday. Some have committed to refrain from food from morning until evening once a week. However, a first step might be simply choosing one day to fast during Lent, or even trying a partial fast.

    Below are some resources introducing the practice of fasting and its significance in spiritual warfare.

  • Prayer

    Lent is a great opportunity to cultivate a healthy habit of prayer in our daily lives. This Lent, we’re encouraging the church to follow LICC’s 40-day prayer journey, ‘On Purpose’. It is designed to help us discover our God-given purpose in everyday life.

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  • Scripture

    During Lent, we are preaching from the Gospel of Luke. To help you journey through the book, you might want to use Bible Project’s 40-day reading plan for both Luke’s Gospel and the book of Acts.

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