At Christ Church London we offer several courses designed to help you flourish in life: in your faith, relationships, finances, emotional health and wellbeing. Click on a course below to find out more and to see when it will next be running.

Surrendering to Hope: Guided Meditations

For 3 Monday evenings there will be a 30 minute, guided meditation on zoom. This will be a safe space where you can come and process some of the burdens you might be carrying – whether that’s loss, illness, disappointment, or a general sense of longing and sadness.



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Emotional Health: Hope for Disordered Eating

For six weeks we will be looking at the issue of disordered eating. 

It’s not just for people with a recognised eating disorder, it’s also for anyone who knows they have issues around food.



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Emotional Health: Hope for Anxiety

This is a four week group on finding freedom from anxiety. It’s based on the 12 Step principles, and is for anyone who is struggling with anxiety at the moment. 

It’ll be combination of teaching and time to reflect and share in a safe space.



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STEPS online

STEPS is a 12 week course for anyone who wants to find freedom from repetitive and destructive behavioural and thought patterns.

Our next course starts in April. Find out more and sign up for a free Introduction Session below.


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Pre-Marriage Course

This course is for any couple who are engaged or considering marriage and want to build a strong foundation for their relationship.



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CAP Money Course

This course developed by Christians Against Poverty is a practical and educational course on budgeting and managing your finances.


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Marriage Course

This course is for married couple who want to strengthen their relationship.


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