Church at home

For the foreseeable future, instead of meeting in our normal settings, we have moved our Sunday Services online for you to watch with friends and family at home here.

Wherever you are, join us for Church at home. Every Sunday.


Church at home

Instead of meeting in our normal settings, we have moved our Sunday Services online for you to watch with friends and family, at Church at home. The services will be available to stream at any time each Sunday and will include worship, prayer, a sermon, and news from church life. We also provide some suggested activities and resources for kids and families each week, to help you enjoy worshipping too.

Read more about how we are caring for our city during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

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STEPS course

STEPS provides a friendly and safe environment to address the challenges that life can throw, in a positive and affirming way. The 12-week course gives an opportunity to share, hear from others and learn new ways of thinking in order to overcome difficulties whilst surrounded by a supportive community.

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Need Help?

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to ask for help but if you are struggling at the moment and would appreciate a phone call, prayer or emergency financial support, please do let us know as we would love to help.

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Latest talks

Catch up on our latest podcasts.

Isaac, Jacob and Joseph

Andy Tilsley 2nd August 2020

Faith leaves a legacy. In this talk, Andy Tilsley considers the lives of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. None of them saw the fulfilment of their promises within their lifetime, but each left a blessing for the next generation to follow in their footsteps.



David Stroud 26th July 2020

Abraham received promises from God that seemed incredible. Without knowing how they would be fulfilled, he left his home, trusting God. In this talk, David considers how faith enables us to follow God, even when stepping into the unknown.



Jo Wells 19th July 2020

Before there was a cloud in the sky, Noah took God at His word, and began building an ark. In this talk, Jo Wells draws lessons from Noah’s example of entrepreneurial faith.

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Dear London

We love London, and we're here to stay. Watch the film we made for our 15th anniversary to find out why.

Latest series

You can listen to entire series of talks from Christ Church London.

In this series, we’re looking at the stories of men and women in Scripture who trusted God, clung to His promises, and were commended for their faith. And as we consider their examples, we will learn how we can also trust God and live faith-filled lives.

No figure in history has demonstrated such beautiful character as Jesus. He is the supreme example of love, patience, kindness, faithfulness, and peace. These are all characteristics that we need, especially in challenging seasons! In this series, we will look at how relying on the Holy Spirit enables us to develop the very same characteristics in our lives.

In this series will look at the characteristics we need to cultivate, as individuals and as a church, if we are to live as a people of faith, following Jesus passionately, and longing for revival.

Fire represents passion, purity, and the power of the Spirit, and the word ‘consuming’ means ‘to completely fill one’s attention or focus.’ So ‘Consuming Fire’ symbolises the idea of having our minds, our attention, and our focus entirely consumed by passion for God, and the power of the Spirit.

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