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The book of Esther tells the story of how a Jewish girl, originally named Hadasseh, became the Queen of Persia and saved her people from a plot to destroy them. It’s a complex, fascinating, Jewish diaspora story.

This series will help us explore Jesus’ journey to the cross in the lead up to Easter, and to understand the revolutionary power of His resurrection in our lives. Jesus is continually inviting us to lay down our lives, in order to fully receive the new life He offers us. And this new life is one of hope, power, transformation, and a love that never gives up. Easter changes everything!

The letter of 1 Peter creates a picture of who we are personally and collectively: a people of God alive with His hope, purpose and strength. Each talk will look at a different aspect of our identity and purpose as God’s children, and how we have been brought into a new family, a new identity and a new, living hope.