This series is all about being formed by the presence of Jesus in our lives, or to put it another way, discipleship. We have framed this series with this description of what it means to follow Jesus, and to be His disciple: ‘The daily journey of being loved by Him, learning from Him and living like Him’.

The daily journey: Rhythms and practices through daily life; a recognition that life is a pilgrimage through seasons. Being loved by Him: The personal walk of receiving and being formed by His love and the communal celebration of being His family. Learning from Him: Choosing to be formed by the teachings, ways and presence of God, and not fitting into the culture around us without even thinking about it. Living like Him: Living on sacrificial mission, empowered by and bearing the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. We can remember this with these three words: Love, Learn, Live.


Andy Tilsley 11th September 2022

In our new teaching series we are delving into what it means to be followers of Jesus – in other words, the daily journey of being loved by Him, learning from Him and living like Him. In this first talk, Andy kicks us off with the story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus, and inviting him to be His follower.


We Are Led

Catherine Ishola 25th September 2022

As disciples of Jesus, we are led by His presence in our lives. We’re not leading our relationship with Him – we’re following, for He is the good shepherd of our souls. In this talk Catherine looks at what it means to trust in God’s leadership and follow Him daily.