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Not by might or power

Liam Thatcher 28th February 2021

The prophet Zechariah saw a strange vision of olive trees and lampstands, and heard a promise of a new temple. In this talk, Liam unpacks Zechariah’s vision and looks at what it means to build not by might or power, but by God’s Spirit.


Freedom and Healing

David Stroud 21st February 2021

The prophet Isaiah wrote about God’s anointed servant, who would bring freedom and healing, showing compassion to the bruised and broken. In this talk, David looks at how Isaiah 42 and considers how the Spirit empowers us to act with the same compassion Jesus showed.


Refreshing for Weary Souls

Andy Tilsley 14th February 2021

The Holy Spirit is often depicted in Scripture as water that refreshes our souls. In this talk, Andy considers the importance of worship, and looks at how God can refresh us when we feel dry and weary.


A Promise for All

Lars Due-Christensen 07th February 2021

In the Old Testament, relatively few people experienced the Holy Spirit personally. But restricting His presence to a select few was never God’s plan. In this talk, Lars unpacks the promise that the Holy Spirit is available to all who ask.


Living by Faith

Tope Koleoso 31st January 2021

Pastor Tope Koleoso leads Jubilee Church London, and in this talk he shares what it means to live by faith in these current times, looking at the book of Joshua.



Joel Wade 24th January 2021

As God’s people journeyed in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit filled Bezalel with creativity and skill, and empowered him to build the tabernacle. In this talk, Joel considers how the Spirit continues to give us creative gifts to use today.


Wisdom in Crisis

Jo Wells 18th January 2021

The first person in Scripture who is said to have God’s Spirit dwelling in him, is a prisoner in Egypt. In this talk, Jo Wells looks at how the Holy Spirit empowered Joseph with the wisdom and skill he needed to rescue a nation in its time of need.


Order from Chaos

Liam Thatcher 10th January 2021

The Bible begins with the Spirit of God hovering over the chaotic waters and bringing forth order and life. In the first talk of our new series, Liam considers how the Holy Spirit empowers us to continue his work today.


New Year Message: The Vine and the Branches

David Stroud 03rd January 2021

In this talk from Church at home, David looks at John chapter 15, in which Jesus describes Himself as the vine, and us as His branches, being pruned to help us grow.


The Rising Sun

Lars Due-Christensen 27th December 2020

In this talk from Church at home, Lars looks at the Song of Zechariah found in Luke chapter 1, which prophecies about the significance of Jesus coming into the world.


Stockwell Local Sunday: Comfort

Hatty El-Khazen 20th December 2020

In this talk from our Stockwell service, Hatty reflects on the message of God’s comfort, promised to us in the book of the prophet Isaiah.


Psalm 110

Andy Tilsley 13th December 2020

In this talk from our Church at home service, Andy looks at Psalm 110, and considers how it foretells of the coming of Jesus as a priest and king.