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At His Feet

David Stroud 12th May 2024

For our 2024 Gift Day, David Stroud looks at the story of Mary’s anointing of Jesus in John 12:1-11 and shows how Mary challenges us to an extravagant response to God’s goodness, in our worship, our generosity, and in the way in which we live. 


Resisting Mammon

Adnan Khan 12th May 2024

For our 2024 Gift Day, Adnan Khan looks at Jesus’ teaching on Mammon from Luke 16:13. We unpack what Mammon is, how it opposes the abundant life God intends for us, and how our generosity as disciples resists Mammon’s power.


The Running Father

Kenny Crawford 05th May 2024

Kenny Crawford continues our series on the gospel of Luke, diving deeper into the parable of The Running Father, more famously known as the parable of The Prodigal Son; an exploration of the depth of God’s love, the heart of grace, and an invitation to follow Jesus’ example.


Healing of the Ten Lepers

Catherine Ishola 28th April 2024

Catherine Ishola unpacks the story of the Ten Lepers, highlighting three key lessons we can learn: 1. A call to the marginalised, 2. A call to walk by faith, and 3. A call to have an attitude of gratitude.



David Stroud 28th April 2024

David Stroud looks at Joshua 1, using the example of Moses and Joshua to teach how the church should move forward in our New Chapter ahead.


Prodigal Son

Nicole Lewis 21st April 2024

Nicole Lewis continues through our series on Luke, recounting the familiar parable of the Prodigal Son, and pausing to reflect on how we can often identify with both sons in the story. 


You, Me, Us

Lars Due-Christensen 21st April 2024

Inspired by Paul’s famous community prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21, Lars takes us on a practical journey into the motor of all important relationships exploring the three crucial questions we are all asking and which we are all being asked.


Parable of the Tenants

James Copeland 14th April 2024

James Copeland unpacks Luke 20:9-19, and the challenging parable Jesus tells about the tenants in the Vineyard. He looks at what this meant for Israel, and what this might mean for us today to be God’s tenants and the temptation to do away with God and seize power and control for ourselves. 


Parable of the Shrewd Manager

Joel Wade 14th April 2024

Joel Wade continues through our series on Luke, unpacking the enigmatic parable known as the Shrewd Manager, and how stewardship and generosity are part of what it means to follow Jesus. 


The Narrow Door and Sorrow for Jerusalem

Natalie Powell 11th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Natalie looks at Jesus’ warnings about salvation in Luke 13:22-35 and explores what it means to “make every effort to enter through the narrow door” of God’s kingdom. 


The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Danny Webster 07th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Danny Webster teaches from Luke 17:20-37 about the coming of the Kingdom of God.


Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Jericho

Philippa Long 07th April 2024

In this talk Philippa Long explores how hope in the promises of God forges our hope through darkness and when met with the grace of Jesus it unlocks our deepest healing.