We are Created

Joel Wade 25th September 2022

Learning to be loved by God is trusting that He created us, and that He knows us better and loves us more than anyone. In this talk Joel considers that just as God created us, He is also continuing to create: redeeming and restoring our lives. Love, as a creative force, is always at work in our lives, if we let Him.


We Are Led

Catherine Ishola 25th September 2022

As disciples of Jesus, we are led by His presence in our lives. We’re not leading our relationship with Him – we’re following, for He is the good shepherd of our souls. In this talk Catherine looks at what it means to trust in God’s leadership and follow Him daily.


Community Sunday

Adnan Khan 18th September 2022

In this talk from our Mile End service, Adnan shares from Acts chapter 2 on the gift of following Jesus as a community, as part of our Community Sunday.



Andy Tilsley 11th September 2022

In our new teaching series we are delving into what it means to be followers of Jesus – in other words, the daily journey of being loved by Him, learning from Him and living like Him. In this first talk, Andy kicks us off with the story of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus, and inviting him to be His follower.


Stockwell Vision

Lars Due-Christensen 11th September 2022

In this talk from our Stockwell service, Lars shares an encouragement from Matthew’s gospel about the gift of meeting together as a community in South London in this next season.


God Behind the Scenes: Scene 4

Shaninga Marasha 04th September 2022

When we face difficult times, or when God feels far away, we can be tempted to rush through those times to get to the blessing. But there are things that God can teach us, and ways that He wants to form us, that can only come through challenges. In the final talk of our Esther series, Shaninga looks at how we can trust God during difficulty, and prepare for times of blessing.


God Behind the Scenes: Scene 3

Justin Eniola 04th September 2022

How can we trust God when we’re facing difficult times? In Esther chapter 5, we see the ways in which God remembers those who are faithful to Him, and is in charge of even the smallest details of our lives. In this talk, Justin looks at the ways that God is not only in control, but is always working for our good.


Summer Retreat: He Gives Life, Breath and Everything Else

John Mumford 28th August 2022

In Acts chapter 17, Paul gives a powerful sermon about the nature of God and the power of Jesus’ resurrection. In this talk from our Summer Retreat, John Mumford reminds us to fix our eyes on the beauty and wonder of God, who “gives everyone life and breath and everything else.”


Summer Retreat: What happens when the Spirit is poured out?

David Stroud 28th August 2022

In the final talk of our Summer Retreat, David spoke from Acts 2 about what we can expect when the Spirit is poured out, and what we’re trusting God to do through Christ Church London. Spirit-filled churches are started, we grow in conviction and boldness, many people come to faith, and much more!


Summer Retreat: How Much More?

Ele Mumford 27th August 2022

In this talk from our Summer Retreat, guest speaker Ele Mumford invited us to wonder again at the beauty of our God: the purity of the Father, the presence of the Son, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Summer Retreat: But God, I’m Regular

Catherine Ishola 27th August 2022

In the second talk from our Summer Retreat, Catherine shared that God wants to use each one of us for His kingdom – as regular as we are! We looked at how God can set us free from feeing inadequate, and empower us to boldly live for Him.