Church at home

We're looking forward to opening our in-person services again in April. Until then, we'd love you to join us online to watch Church at home here


Gifts and Guidance

Jo Wells 11th April 2021

The Apostle Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit gives supernatural gifts to all who are eager for them. In this talk, Jo Wells considers how we should eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, and particularly how we can learn to hear from God today.


Resurrection Life

Tim Frisby 04th April 2021

The resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday reveals that there is life after death. But because of Jesus there is also resurrection life before death too! This talk was recorded live at our Stockwell Service on Easter Sunday.


Hope of the Resurrection

Joel Wade 04th April 2021

After the brutal events of Good Friday, it looked like all hope was lost. Jesus lay in a grave. But then came Easter Sunday, when the Holy Spirit filled his body, raised him from the dead, and brought about the hope of new life.


Empowered for Mission

Liam Thatcher 28th March 2021

The resurrected Jesus stood before his disciples and breathed upon them. In this talk, Liam considers the importance of this strange act, and looks at how the Holy Spirit fills us with peace, and empowers us for mission.


Unity in Diversity

Andy Tilsley 22nd March 2021

From the earliest days, the church was incredibly diverse, with men and women from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds calling one another brother and sister. In this talk, Andy considers how the Holy Spirit breaks down divisions and unites us in family.


Adoption into Family

Tim Frisby 14th March 2021

The Apostle Paul wrote that the Holy Spirit gives us a new identity as God’s children, and the promise of inheritance. In this talk, Tim Frisby considers what it means to be adopted by the Holy Spirit into the family of God.


Born of the Spirit

Raphael Arthur 07th March 2021

In the dead of night, Nicodemus came to Jesus with some questions. What he got were some answers that blew his mind. In this talk, Raph considers Jesus’ teaching about what it means to be born again, and how the Holy Spirit helps us enter into this new life.


Not by might or power

Liam Thatcher 28th February 2021

The prophet Zechariah saw a strange vision of olive trees and lampstands, and heard a promise of a new temple. In this talk, Liam unpacks Zechariah’s vision and looks at what it means to build not by might or power, but by God’s Spirit.


Freedom and Healing

David Stroud 21st February 2021

The prophet Isaiah wrote about God’s anointed servant, who would bring freedom and healing, showing compassion to the bruised and broken. In this talk, David looks at how Isaiah 42 and considers how the Spirit empowers us to act with the same compassion Jesus showed.


Refreshing for Weary Souls

Andy Tilsley 14th February 2021

The Holy Spirit is often depicted in Scripture as water that refreshes our souls. In this talk, Andy considers the importance of worship, and looks at how God can refresh us when we feel dry and weary.


A Promise for All

Lars Due-Christensen 07th February 2021

In the Old Testament, relatively few people experienced the Holy Spirit personally. But restricting His presence to a select few was never God’s plan. In this talk, Lars unpacks the promise that the Holy Spirit is available to all who ask.


Living by Faith

Tope Koleoso 31st January 2021

Pastor Tope Koleoso leads Jubilee Church London, and in this talk he shares what it means to live by faith in these current times, looking at the book of Joshua.