Church at home

We will not be meeting in person at any of our services on 10th or 17th January. Instead, we'd love you to join us online to watch Church at home here


Order from Chaos

Liam Thatcher 10th January 2021

The Bible begins with the Spirit of God hovering over the chaotic waters and bringing forth order and life. In the first talk of our new series, Liam considers how the Holy Spirit empowers us to continue his work today.


New Year Message: The Vine and the Branches

David Stroud 03rd January 2021

In this talk from Church at home, David looks at John chapter 15, in which Jesus describes Himself as the vine, and us as His branches, being pruned to help us grow.


The Rising Sun

Lars Due-Christensen 27th December 2020

In this talk from Church at home, Lars looks at the Song of Zechariah found in Luke chapter 1, which prophecies about the significance of Jesus coming into the world.


Stockwell Local Sunday: Comfort

Hatty El-Khazen 20th December 2020

In this talk from our Stockwell service, Hatty reflects on the message of God’s comfort, promised to us in the book of the prophet Isaiah.


Psalm 110

Andy Tilsley 13th December 2020

In this talk from our Church at home service, Andy looks at Psalm 110, and considers how it foretells of the coming of Jesus as a priest and king.



Jo Wells 06th December 2020

Jesus’ message of the Kingdom was good news for a hurting world. God has not given up on His creation but is coming to put things right. It was, and is, a message of hope. In the final week of our series, Jo considers how Jesus continues to provide hope for us today.



Liam Thatcher 29th November 2020

The relationships in God’s Kingdom are not primarily those of power and hierarchy, but family. Jesus calls us his brothers and sisters, and he welcomes us into relationship with our heavenly father. In this talk, Liam explores what it means to be part of God’s family.



Tim Frisby 22nd November 2020

The prophets longed for a king who would bring comfort and peace to their hurting nation. In this talk, Tim considers how Jesus meets that longing, and commissions us to be comforters and peacemakers.


Exposing Grace

Rachel Gardner 15th November 2020

In this talk, Guest Speaker Rachel Gardner shared on the beauty of God’s grace, as described by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. She shared about the ways in which we can be hungry for God, and show the love of Jesus to our city.



Andy Tilsley 08th November 2020

Jesus instructed his disciples to continue his mission of proclaiming the Kingdom. But he didn’t only give them a mission, he also gave them the very same power that empowered him. In this talk, Andy Tilsley considers how Jesus continues to empower us by his Holy Spirit.



David Stroud 01st November 2020

Jesus told his followers they were to be like light, shining into the darkness of this world, and offering hope and illumination. In this talk, David considers how we can be a blessing to our city in this challenging season.



Nicole Lewis 25th October 2020

Whilst many imagine God as distant and disconnected from us, Jesus revealed something quite different. In this talk from our Central & Covent Garden service, Nicole explores how Jesus revealed God to be a communicator who loves to be known by us, and delights to hear from us in prayer.