Esther: God Behind the Scenes Series

God Behind the Scenes: Scene 4

When we face difficult times, or when God feels far away, we can be tempted to rush through those times to get to the blessing. But there are things that God can teach us, and ways that He wants to form us, that can only come through challenges. In the final talk of our Esther series, Shaninga looks at how we can trust God during difficulty, and prepare for times of blessing.

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New Wineskins

Jo Bird 28th May 2023

In Luke chapter 5, Jesus uses parables to teach His followers not cling to old ways of thinking and living, but embrace the new life of God’s kingdom. In this talk, Jo looks at how we can let go of old ways to receive God’s transformative power in our daily lives.


Lord of the Sabbath

Shaninga Marasha

The Sabbath was always intended to allow people to rest in God’s freedom and favour, but instead the Pharisees turned it into a way of burdening and prohibiting people from truly experiencing God’s fullness of life. In this talk, Shaninga considers how we can enter into God’s Sabbath rest as a way of delighting ourselves in Him.


Mile End | Gift Day 2

Joel Wade 21st May 2023

As part of our annual Gift Day offering, Joel spoke to our Mile End service about the opportunity and blessing of giving to God.

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