The Lord's Prayers

Prayer was so important to Jesus. It gave him wisdom, insight and deep relationship with God. Prayer equipped him to be effective in all he did. If Jesus needed to pray, we certainly do! This series looks at Jesus’ prayer life - both what he prayed and how he prayed - so that we can learn to pray like Jesus.

Our Father

Jo Wells 10th January 2017

What we believe about God affects how we approach Him, and Jesus taught his disciples to begin prayer saying, “Our Father…” (Matthew 6:9). In the first talk of our series, Jo considers how knowing God as Father is the foundation for prayer.


A Hunger for God

Andy Tilsley 22nd January 2017

As well as praying, Jesus made a regular habit of fasting, and he taught his disciples to do the same. In this talk Andy Tilsley looks at what fasting is, what it achieves, and how it can enrich our prayer lives.


Rhythms of Prayer

Lars Due-Christensen 29th January 2017

Jesus prayed all the time. Whether in the morning or evening, with others or alone, he seemed to prioritise prayer. In this talk, Lars will consider how we can learn from Jesus and build healthy rhythms of prayer into our lives.


The Lord’s Prayer

David Stroud 5th February 2017

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, and in response Jesus gave them a model prayer. In this talk, David Stroud looks at the Lord’s Prayer and considers how it can shape our approach to prayer.


Prayer for Unity

Liam Thatcher 12th February 2017

A short while before his death Jesus prayed a prayer for all those who would come after him – us included. In this talk, Liam looks at Jesus’ prayer for unity and considers how it should shape our own prayers.


Prayer of Surrender

Tim Frisby 19th February 2017

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus offered up a heartfelt and tear-soaked prayer. In this talk, Tim Frisby looks at Jesus’ prayer of surrender and considers how we can also surrender our lives to God in prayer.


Empowered Prayer

David Stroud 26th February 2017

Praying for the Holy Spirit was an important part of Jesus’ life and the life of the early Church. In the last talk in our series on prayer, David Stroud looks at how we can be empowered by the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.