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What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us, as we set out on new adventures? How can we trust God in the face of seemingly-impossible situations? This series will look at the story of Moses and consider how God equipped him to lead people towards the Promised Land.

The Preparation of Moses

David Stroud 21st June 2015

Under Joseph’s leadership the people of Israel had lived in Egypt like kings. Now they lived like slaves. But in the midst of pain and bloodshed, God protected one man, Moses and prepared him to lead the nation to freedom.


The Burning Bush

Andy Tilsley 28th June 2015

In many ways, Moses wasn’t the obvious choice. A timid, stuttering man. A murderer. And yet God chose him to become a mighty leader. In this talk, Andy will look at the story of the burning bush and consider how God equips men and women for leadership.


The Plagues

David Stroud 6th July 2015

Pharaoh refuses to let Moses’ people go from Egypt, and over the course of ten plagues, he has a long and slow change of heart. In this talk, David looks at how God protects His people and rescues them from slavery.


The Passover

Liam Thatcher 12th July 2015

After a series of gruelling plagues, God tells His people to get ready to leave Egypt for good. In this talk, Liam looks at the symbolism of Passover, and the promise of freedom.


Crossing the Sea

Jo Wells 19th July 2015

With an impassable ocean before them and an advancing army behind, things look bleak for the people fleeing from Egypt. Yet Moses encourages them to remain still and trust in God. In this talk, Jo Wells considers how we can trust God in difficult times.


Lifting Hands in Prayer

Liam Thatcher 2nd August 2015

As Moses and his people face their biggest battle yet, God instructs Moses to hold his arms high and trust Him for victory. In this talk, Liam looks at how we can persevere in prayer.


A Leader of Leaders

Andy Tilsley 9th August 2015

Jethro recognises that Mosses cannot lead the people alone; trying to do so is affecting his family life and relationships. So he instructs Moses to appoint various leaders to share the burden. Andy Tilsley looks at what Moses’ example can teach us about raising up new leaders.


The 10 Commandments

Tim Frisby 16th August 2015

How can we live a life that pleases God? And what lasting relevance do the 10 Commandments have for us today? In this talk, Tim Frisby looks at the giving of the law and considers what it can teach us about the gospel, God, and His plan for our lives.


The Golden Calf

Chris Oldfield 23rd August 2015

Whilst Moses is up a mountain, meeting with God, the people are down below crafting a golden statue to worship! In this talk, Chris Oldfield looks at how we try to make gods in our own image, and how God responds with grace and restoration.


Seeking God’s Face

Abi Sharma 30th August 2015

Moses pleads to see God’s glory in the tent of meeting and God reveals some amazing things about His nature. In this talk, Abi Sharma looks at the importance of God’s presence, and how God empowers us for all of life.


Spies in Canaan

Liam Thatcher 6th September 2015

As the people stand on the edge of the Promised Land, they send in a group of spies to check it out. Many of them return fearful and disheartened, but Joshua and Caleb encourage them to trust in God. In this talk, Liam considers what this story can teach us, as we look forward to all the challenges and opportunities that this next season holds.


The Bronze Serpent

Joel Wade 13th September 2015

The Israelites complain against God again and are afflicted with poisonous snakes. But God provides a miraculous way out, which is a beautiful foreshadowing of the gospel.


The Promised Land

David Stroud 20th September 2015

Towards the end of his life, Moses looks into the Promised Land, and prepares to hand over to the next generation. In this talk, David considers the challenge of transition, and how we can build something that lasts into future generations.