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Caring for our City

During Covid-19

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We would love to help support you in any way we can. You can use this form to request emergency financial support, a pastoral phone call or prayer.

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Ideas of how we can care for our city

  • Check in on your literal next door neighbour
  • Shop for others while you shop for yourself
  • Pray for and encourage those working on the frontline
  • Donate food to local Foodbanks
  • Donate money to Christ Church London’s Relief Fund
  • Volunteer with trusted local charities & the Royal Voluntary Service
  • Support local businesses and artists
  • Follow government guidelines!

Check in on your literal next door neighbour

  • Consider calling, texting or leaving a note on their doorstep with your number if they don’t have it yet and check in. See if there is anything you can help them with or if they’d like a regular phone call.
  • Join or set up a street-wide Whatsapp group, Facebook group or Neighbourhood Watch to find out which of your neighbours is in need of assistance. 

Shop for others while you shop for yourself

  • Offer to shop for your friends and neighbours, particularly the elderly and those most at risk, those who are self-isolating/household isolating and NHS shift workers.

Pray for and encourage those working on the frontline

  • Consider committing to pray daily for one person you know who is continuing to work on the front lines to keep our city healthy, safe and fed. 
  • Consider sending one encouraging text of gratitude per day to people you know working on the frontlines.

Donate food

  • Our Foodbank in Vauxhall has teamed up with Waterloo and Brixton & Norwood Foodbanks to run a distribution centre out of the South London Foodbank Warehouse in Streatham, and is currently delivering hundreds of food parcels every week. If you live in or close to Lambeth you can hand-deliver food to one of these supermarket collection points, safe in the knowledge your food donations will make their way to those who need it most. If you live outside of Lambeth you can find your nearest Foodbank here.

Donate money

Christ Church London has set up a special relief fund to support those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the organisations and charities working to support them, including our Foodbank in Vauxhall. We have set aside money from our recent Gift Day to start the fund, and if you would like to add to it you can do that here.


  • The South London Foodbank Warehouse in Streatham is in need of volunteers to help make up food parcels and deliver them to people around Lambeth. If you are able to help, and especially if you have access to a car or a van, email To volunteer with your nearest Foodbank, click here.
  • Volunteer for local organisations and charities you trust who are working to support the most vulnerable near you. For example, if you are based in Sutton, we’d love you to sign up to Community Action Sutton.

Support local businesses and artists

  • Express your love for the city economically by spending more money than you normally would at local establishments that are able to keep operating.
  • Many local restaurants are now offering a take-away service. Ordering from them is a great way to support them and their workers whilst they are able to stay open.
  • Look for ways to support local artists by purchasing original works or paying to attend online gigs.
  • Now that we can only shop for our clothes online, it’s the perfect time to check out some ethical fashion brands. Good On You, Know the Origin and Brothers We Stand are some good places to start. During this season why not choose to buy less and buy better?

Follow government guidelines