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Accountability and Whistleblowing

CCL is committed to upholding the strongest standards of conduct among its leadership, staff and volunteers, the below policy is in place to ensure robust accountability is in place for those in leadership positions.

If you discover any information which you believe shows serious malpractice, illegal actions, wrongdoing or unacceptable behaviours or practises by CCL’s Senior Leader, the church leadership, its employees or volunteers, we ask you to report it.

Examples of concerns may include but are not limited to, financial impropriety or fraud, manipulation, or coercion from a position of control or power, or inappropriate behaviours of a physical or mental nature which don’t befit the standards expected of a church leader.

Legislation protects those who raise legitimate concerns. Your concern could be about one of the things listed above, or anything else that you feel uncomfortable about. It could be about things that are happening now, have happened in the past, or are likely to happen in the future, see

Please consult the Concerns and Complaints Policy to understand how we normally process concerns or complaints, however, if you feel the activity you are concerned about requires immediate attention, due to the potential impact it may have, please contact Sarah Cobbold, Head of Operations on 07466375140.

If you would like to speak to one of the trustees, please contact Mark Goodchild (Chair of the Trustees) or any of our trustees who you are comfortable speaking to.  They can be contacted directly in person at one of our sunday services or events, or via your service leader, or by contacting the office on [email protected].

If there is an immediate threat of harm or danger please contact the police.