Connect Group guide: Live at Peace


In Romans 12: 14, 17-21, Paul considers how we should respond when people seek to do us harm, and he describes two responses: how God responds, and how we are to respond. In last week’s talk, we looked at how God responds to evil, and this week Joel concluded the series by considering how we are to respond – seeking peace and overcoming evil with good.  

Discussion Questions

  • Joel talked about three common temptations when faced by evil; we can be tempted to ignore it, repay it, or become consumed by it. Do you recognise any of these temptations? Which in particular is most tempting to you?

  • We saw that a good response to those who do us harm can be simple and down-to-earth, feeding our enemies, and giving them something to drink. Our kindness in the face of their hostility could be the thing that wins them round to the gospel. Who is there in your world who is hostile towards you, and what simple, creative ways can you think of to bless them this week?


This section on responding to evil follows on from Paul’s instructions to mourn with those who mourn (v15). We are meant to stand with one another in our pain and support each other. So why not spend some time sharing areas where you need God’s help to live at peace with others, and praying for each other. If you find it hard to know where to start, why not try reading and praying our Prayer Against Injustice.

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