Church at home

We're really pleased that some of our Sunday services are starting to gather in person again. You can still join us online to watch Church at Home with friends and family on Sundays, here.

Smart Kemiki

Smart is Managing Director of Dominion4ever Management Limited, a real estate company that facilitates buying, selling, portfolio development, land acquisition and managing of properties. Prior to this, he was the Executive Director of Kampac Oil, a company that was listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Smart was responsible for 8 countries in the South African Development Countries (SADC) including the UK. He was responsible for refined oil trading in the company and was part of the team in Kampac Group that obtained approval to develop one of the largest energy cities in the world in Asia. Smart had worked at BNP Paribas before working at Allen & Overy LLP. Smart also works closely with other charities, and currently lives in West Thurrock with his wife Davina. They have been part of Christ Church London since 2014.