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Church on Mission

Adnan Khan 1st October 2023

Is it possible for our faith to thrive in a world that can be indifferent at best or hostile at worst? What does such a faith look like in our city? And what kind of church does it take to sustain it? Adnan explores how the ancient Thessalonian church gives us a model of holiness and hope in a hostile world, not by withdrawing from the world, but by being a faithful presence within it.


What’s your mountain?

David Stroud

How can we live life full of God’s promises while often waiting, even longing, for his promises to be fulfilled? In this standalone talk, David looks at the life of Caleb the Kenizzite (Josh 14:10-14), and explores the nature of God’s promises for individual people.


The Spirit and Mission

Lars Due-Christensen

What does it look like to live on mission for God? In this talk, Lars explores our call to mission through the story of the seventy-two disciples carrying out Jesus’ work in different towns and villages.

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