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Summer Retreat 2022 Series

Summer Retreat: He Gives Life, Breath and Everything Else

In Acts chapter 17, Paul gives a powerful sermon about the nature of God and the power of Jesus' resurrection. In this talk from our Summer Retreat, John Mumford reminds us not to worship idols, but to fix our eyes on the beauty and wonder of God, who "gives everyone life and breath and everything else."

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Parable of the Tenants

James Copeland 14th April 2024

James Copeland unpacks Luke 20:9-19, and the challenging parable Jesus tells about the tenants in the Vineyard. He looks at what this meant for Israel, and what this might mean for us today to be God’s tenants and the temptation to do away with God and seize power and control for ourselves. 


Parable of the Shrewd Manager

Joel Wade

Joel Wade continues through our series on Luke, unpacking the enigmatic parable known as the Shrewd Manager, and how stewardship and generosity are part of what it means to follow Jesus. 


The Narrow Door and Sorrow for Jerusalem

Natalie Powell 11th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Natalie looks at Jesus’ warnings about salvation in Luke 13:22-35 and explores what it means to “make every effort to enter through the narrow door” of God’s kingdom. 

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