Philippians Series

Philippians 4

In the final talk of our series, Nicole looks at Philippians 4, in which Paul speaks about the secret of contentment, and the strength that Christ provides that enables us to achieve all things.

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Positioned for Influence

David Stroud 15th September 2019

Daniel and his friends get taken into the courts of the King. In this talk, David Stroud considers how believers should conduct ourselves, so that God can position us to be a positive influence on the fate of a nation.


A Creative Minority

Andy Tilsley 8th September 2019

What does it look like to live as a Creative Minority? And what should our posture be as we seek to follow Jesus in a post-Christian age? In the first talk of our new series, Andy Tilsley looks at the story of Daniel.


Philippians 3

Dee Wade 1st September 2019

Paul had a lot of reasons to boast, but he considers them all nothing, compared to knowing Jesus. In this talk, Dee looks at Philippians 3, and considers how we are to keep pressing on towards our heavenly calling.

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