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The Genealogy of Jesus

Andy Tilsley 5th February 2023

What does a list of Jesus’ ancestors have to do with his life and mission, and how does it relate to our lives today? In this talk from our Gospel of Luke series, Andy shares from Luke 3: 21-38.


His Father’s House

Adnan Khan

In this talk from our series in the Gospel of Luke, Adnan looks at the story of Jesus in the temple from Luke chapter 2.


Mary: Ordinary Woman, Extraordinary Faith

Andy Nunn 29th January 2023

Mary was an ordinary, unknown girl from an obscure part of Nazareth. Yet God chose her to bear His son, Jesus! In this talk, Andy considers what we can learn from Mary’s response to this astonishing calling. We too can choose to respond to God in joyful obedience and extraordinary faith, even in the smallest moments of our every day lives.

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