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Stand alone talks Series

Local Sunday: Central London

How does God work in challenging times? In this talk from our Central service, David looks at the calling of Gideon from Judges chapter 6, and considers what we can learn about trusting that God is with us amidst difficult circumstances.

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The Resurrection and the Life

Andy Tilsley 17th October 2021

Jesus wept. At the grave of a dear friend, we see the compassion of Jesus and His anger at the injustice of death. But we also see a glimmer of hope, as Jesus claimed to be the resurrection and the life – the one who has the power to overcome death itself.


The Good Shepherd

Ellen Wood

Israel’s leaders had had a bad track record. The prophets described them as shepherds who didn’t care for the sheep, but used them as means to their own ends. But Jesus was different. In this talk, Ellen looks at His claim to be the Good Shepherd, who loves His sheep enough that He would even give His life for them.

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