Church at home

Although we can't meet in person, we are continuing to gather online each Sunday for our Church at Home service, and would love you to join us here.

Kingdom Come Series


Jesus told his followers they were to be like light, shining into the darkness of this world, and offering hope and illumination. In this talk, David considers how we can be a blessing to our city in this challenging season.

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Tim Frisby 22nd November 2020

The prophets longed for a king who would bring comfort and peace to their hurting nation. In this talk, Tim considers how Jesus meets that longing, and commissions us to be comforters and peacemakers.


Exposing Grace

Rachel Gardner 15th November 2020

In this talk, Guest Speaker Rachel Gardner shared on the beauty of God’s grace, as described by Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. She shared about the ways in which we can be hungry for God, and show the love of Jesus to our city.

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