Advent: A People Waiting Series

Joseph’s Trust

Joseph intended to divorce Mary quietly, but God revealed a better plan; a plan that would have a profound effect on the history of the world. In this talk from our Advent series, Adam looks at what we can learn from Joseph's trust in God, and how we can surrender to God's plans for our lives, which are far better than our own.

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We are Created

Joel Wade 25th September 2022

Learning to be loved by God is trusting that He created us, and that He knows us better and loves us more than anyone. In this talk Joel considers that just as God created us, He is also continuing to create: redeeming and restoring our lives. Love, as a creative force, is always at work in our lives, if we let Him.


We Are Led

Catherine Ishola

As disciples of Jesus, we are led by His presence in our lives. We’re not leading our relationship with Him – we’re following, for He is the good shepherd of our souls. In this talk Catherine looks at what it means to trust in God’s leadership and follow Him daily.

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