Gospel of Luke Series

Jesus, the Leper, and the Paralytic Man

In both these cases of healing, we see something marvellous about Jesus: He brings God’s freedom, favour, and forgiveness into a broken and desperate world. Are we trusting in this authority for our own forgiveness? Are we trusting in His power to bring healing and hope? How does Jesus' compassion, power, and forgiveness shape our lives as disciples?

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Developing Emotional Resilience

David Stroud 26th November 2023

In this standalone talk, David Stroud reflects on how we can develop emotional resilience, especially in times when we deal with loss and our emotional health feels fragile.


Parable of the Rich Fool

Shaninga Marasha 19th November 2023

In this talk, Shaninga looks at Jesus’ parable of the Rich Fool and its warning about trusting in riches for an ultimate sense of security in life, and how greed can rob us of a true sense of God’s abundant purpose.

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