Stand alone talks Series

Guest Speakers Makoto and Haejin Shim Fujimura

This past Sunday, David Stroud interviewed leading abstract artist and popular speaker Makoto Fujimura and his wife Haejin Shim. Makoto is also a well-known expert in Kintsugi, the Japanese art of restoring broken pottery in such a way that the repaired piece is more beautiful and more valuable than the original. He also shares a real passion for Christian involvement in cultural renewal, as we do as a church, and he has written a number of great books on the subject.

David spoke to Makoto and Haejin about “what to do when things break?”, and they talked about Kintsugi in relation to their own experiences at 9/11, during Covid, in their own spiritual lives and in their marriage.

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Advent: Hope

Jo Bird 27th November 2022

Hope is a central theme in the Bible, and a foundational aspect of the Christian faith. During Advent and Christmas we remember our living hope – the person of Jesus Christ! In this talk, Jo looks at what happens when our hope is in the wrong people or things, and how we can instead live as people whose hope in God.


Where is God in a Suffering World?

Alanzo Paul 20th November 2022

In this talk from our Sutton service, we heard from guest speaker Alanzo Paul from the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.


Formed by the Word

Joel Wade

The Bible is God’s living word, and has the power to renew and transform our minds. In this talk, Joel looks at how we can practice habits that help us to be shaped and formed by the word of God, rather than the world.

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