Joyful Generosity Series

The God of Generosity

God is the most generous being in existence. God the Father gave us the thing most precious to Him – His one and only Son, the One who is more valuable than heaven and earth put together. In the first talk of our Joyful Generosity series, Natalie looks at how we can model the same character of generosity that God has shown us.

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The Generous Love of God

Shaninga Marasha 26th March 2023

In this standalone talk from our Stockwell baby dedication service, Shaninga shares about the generous love of God towards His children.


The Gift of Generosity

Andy Tilsley

In the Bible, giving is described as an act of grace and a privilege. In this talk, Andy considers the gift that a life of generosity can be to all of us.


The Community of Generosity

Philippa Long

Generosity is an invitation to share in what God is already doing and His heart for those in need – both spiritually and materially. In this talk, Philippa explores our opportunity as a church community to use what we have to love God and our neighbour, which the Bible promises will result in many ‘thanksgivings to God’.

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