Faithful Presence Series

Courageous Under Pressure

How should we conduct ourselves in the face of threats? In this talk, Liam Thatcher looks at the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, and considers how God can fill us with courage in our moments of pressure.

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Burning Hearts

Jo Wells 12th January 2020

Two men were walking away from Jerusalem, having lost their friend, and with him their hope. In this sermon, Jo looks at the story of the Emmaus Road, and considers how Jesus causes our hearts to burn, as he opens his word to us.


Good Soil

Liam Thatcher 5th January 2020

Jesus tells a story about a farmer who sowed seed on different soils. In the first talk of 2020, Liam unpacks this parable, encouraging us to reflect on the state of our hearts, and surrender to the one who can make us truly fruitful.


Expecting Good

Pat Copeland

In this talk from our Sutton service, Pat Copeland reminds us of God’s goodness in 2019 and encourages us to be expectant for what He will do in 2020.

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