Gospel of Luke Series

Calling the First Disciples

Jesus calls His disciples in an unexpected way in Luke chapter 5. His followers weren’t clever philosophers. They were ordinary tradespeople. But it was who they chose to follow that made all the difference! In the same way, Jesus calls us to be His disciples right where we are. In this talk Adnan looks at how we can follow Jesus whatever our place in life, whatever our location, whatever our circumstances.

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The Good Samaritan (A Lesson of Love)

Taiwo Otaiku 24th September 2023

What does Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan teach us about love and compassion? In this talk, Taiwo explores how the parable reflects God’s heart for us and our neighbours.


Jesus and Mission

Andy Tilsley

Jesus sends the disciples out in pairs to tell other people about His kingdom. What does this teach us about mission today and sharing our faith with others? Andy Tilsley unpacks Luke 10:1-9


The Spirit and Mission

Joel Wade 17th September 2023

What does it look like to live on mission for God? In this talk, Joel explores our call to mission through the story of the seventy-two disciples carrying out Jesus’ work in different towns and villages.

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