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Advent: A People Waiting Series

Anna’s Faithfulness

Anna had lived a long life waiting for the Messiah to come, worshipping and praying every day in the temple. In this talk, Jo looks at what we can learn from Anna's faithfulness to God in prayer, worship and community.

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Compassion Sunday

Test Author 9th June 2024

As a church, we’re delighted to partner with Compassion in their work to bring lasting change for children living in poverty. This week, Tim from Compassion speaks to us about God’s heart for compassion, justice, and mercy.


The Last Supper

Ligia Mladin

In this talk, Ligia Mladin looks at the past and present significance of the Lord’s Supper, and its powerful symbolism of Jesus’ future Kingdom.


The Prodigal Son

Sam Luck

This week, Sam Luck looks at Jesus’ famous parable of the Prodigal Son, and what it communicates about God’s love and compassion.

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