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Colossians Series

Alive in Christ

In chapter 2, Paul addresses some of the things that were tempting the Colossians away from Christ, and shows how Jesus’ death and resurrection have overcome them. In this talk Sarah reflects on Paul’s teaching, and helps us consider what forms of self-made religion may tempt us similarly today.

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The Narrow Door and Sorrow for Jerusalem

Natalie Powell 11th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Natalie looks at Jesus’ warnings about salvation in Luke 13:22-35 and explores what it means to “make every effort to enter through the narrow door” of God’s kingdom. 


The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Danny Webster 7th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Danny Webster teaches from Luke 17:20-37 about the coming of the Kingdom of God.


Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Jericho

Philippa Long

In this talk Philippa Long explores how hope in the promises of God forges our hope through darkness and when met with the grace of Jesus it unlocks our deepest healing.

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