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The Narrow Door and Sorrow for Jerusalem

Natalie Powell 11th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Natalie looks at Jesus’ warnings about salvation in Luke 13:22-35 and explores what it means to “make every effort to enter through the narrow door” of God’s kingdom. 


The Coming of the Kingdom of God

Danny Webster 07th April 2024

In our series on the Gospel of Luke, Danny Webster teaches from Luke 17:20-37 about the coming of the Kingdom of God.


Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Jericho

Philippa Long 07th April 2024

In this talk Philippa Long explores how hope in the promises of God forges our hope through darkness and when met with the grace of Jesus it unlocks our deepest healing.


Easter Sunday

Andy Tilsley 31st March 2024

Andy Tilsley teaches from Luke 24:1-8 for Easter Sunday.


The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Barry Clist 24th March 2024

As we continue our series through the gospel of Luke, Barry Clist speaks on Luke 18:9-14 on the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector.



Natan Mladin 24th March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Natan Mladin looks at Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus the tax collector, and how his call to follow Jesus brims into a life of generosity and gratitude.


The Rich Man and Lazarus

Andy Tilsley 24th March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Andy Tilsley looks at Jesus’ story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), and explores our attitude to money, those in need, and our very real need for relationship with Jesus. 



Adnan Khan 17th March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Adnan Khan looks at how Jesus calls his disciples to pray with confidence and humility, believing that God is good in character and hears our prayers not due to our merit but his mercy.



Gill 17th March 2024

In our series through Luke, Gill looks at Judas exploring how his story can be applied to our lives today in our character, gifting, and in living in God’s grace.


The Power of Words

David Stroud 10th March 2024

David Stroud teaches from the book of Proverbs about the power of our words.


Counting the Cost

Natalie Powell 03rd March 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Natalie Powell looks at Jesus’ call to prioritise following him above anything or anyone else in life, and his charge to surrender everything we are and have to be his disciple.



Jonny May 25th February 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Jonny May looks at Luke 17:1-10, exploring the power of forgiveness and how it affects our relationship with ourselves, others, and with God.


The Way of Humility

Joel Wade 18th February 2024

In our series on Lent through Luke, Joel Wade looks at how Jesus’ journey to the cross models a life of humility and generosity.


Undivided Heart

Adnan Khan 11th February 2024

In this talk, Adnan looks at Joshua 24 and the call of God’s people to remember his faithfulness, and to entrust their whole hearts to him.


Undivided Community

Helen Marasha 04th February 2024

Helen Marasha looks at Galatians 3 and what it means to be a distinctive community that wholeheartedly seeks God together.


Counting the Cost

Hannah Joy 04th February 2024

In this talk, Hannah Joy looks at 1 Corinthians 12:12-26, and shares the challenges faced by Christians around the world who must count the highest cost for following Jesus. 


Coming Soon

Christ Church London 01st February 2024

Our teaching series on Lent will begin on Sunday 18th February.


Undivided Worship

Natalie Powell 28th January 2024

What does it mean to be undivided in our worship? Natalie Powell talks about what it means to worship God “in the Spirit and in truth,” as well as the dangers of worshipping idols.


Undivided Vision and Mission

David Stroud 28th January 2024

In this talk, David Stroud looks at Philippians 4:10-13 and how the renewing of our attitude and vision can have a powerful effect on how we live, and our ability to overcome the challenges that life brings.


Undivided Mind

Lou Richards 21st January 2024

Our mind is powerful and can be an area of great freedom or bondage. In this talk, Lou looks at Romans 12:1-2 and how we can renew our mind on a daily basis. 


Undivided Devotion

Andy Tilsley 21st January 2024

In this talk, Andy unpacks 1 John 5:21, “dear children, keep yourself from idols.”

Martin Luther once said every sin has idolatry at its core, and therefore idolatry is the main thing we need to address, if we are to be fully devoted to Jesus. We explore how to spot idols, how to expose them, and how to dethrone them.


Undivided Body and Mind

Catherine Ishola 21st January 2024

In this talk, Catherine looks at Romans 12:1-2 and the call for God’s people to be living, breathing sacrifices – surrendering our lives in service to God as a daily act of worship. 


Love, Follow, Feed

Nicole Lewis 14th January 2024

Nicole Lewis from our Central London service looks at John 21, and talks about how God’s question to Peter of whether Peter loves him should also be at the centre of our lives and ministry today.


Jesus and Radical Hospitality

Sam Lomas 07th January 2024

Sam continues our series in Luke’s gospel looking at Luke 14:1-14 and talks about radical hospitality, and the call of Jesus to welcome everyone with grace and love.


Undivided Attention

Joel Wade 07th January 2024

Joel begins our new sermon series by looking at Psalm 27, and unpacking how a life of devotion to Jesus is shaped by the daily habits and rhythms we give our attention to.


Simply A Better Story

Helen Marasha 17th December 2023

For our advent series, Helen Marasha explores the better story into which Jesus invites us, during what can often be the most stressful time of the year.


Simplicity in a Time of Excess

Joel Wade 17th December 2023

For our Advent series, Joel Wade looks at the practice of simplicity and how it can shape our daily habits as followers of Jesus in a world of excess.



Andy Tilsley 17th December 2023

This Advent, our Sutton Service looks at our need for faith, hope, and love this Christmas time. In the Sutton Christmas Carol Service, Andy looks at how we can have faith when God seems absent and how not even the darkness of our world can separate us from God’s love.