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Holy Vision

Tim Frisby 09th February 2020

The writer of Proverbs tells us that ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ In this talk, Tim Frisby looks at what it takes to live with a holy vision for our lives, in a way that brings glory to God.


The Cycle of Gratitude

Liam Thatcher 02nd February 2020

We live in an age that is often characterised by entitlement, and we rarely take time to stop and count our blessings. In this talk, Liam considers what the story of the ten lepers in Luke 17 has to teach us about the practice of gratitude.


Persevering in an Age of Cynicism

Andy Tilsley 26th January 2020

We live in a cynical age, and sometimes it can feel like a real battle to keep going with the things God has called us to. In this talk, Andy looks at Zechariah 4, and considers what we can learn from the story of Zerubbabel about persevering in an age of cynicism.


Longing for the Spirit

David Stroud 19th January 2020

The people of God were never meant to stay still. In this sermon, David looks at the story of Stephen in Acts 6 and 7, and considers how we are meant to live as Temples of God, filled with His Spirit, and constantly on the move.


Burning Hearts

Jo Wells 12th January 2020

Two men were walking away from Jerusalem, having lost their friend, and with him their hope. In this sermon, Jo looks at the story of the Emmaus Road, and considers how Jesus causes our hearts to burn, as he opens his word to us.


Good Soil

Liam Thatcher 05th January 2020

Jesus tells a story about a farmer who sowed seed on different soils. In the first talk of 2020, Liam unpacks this parable, encouraging us to reflect on the state of our hearts, and surrender to the one who can make us truly fruitful.


Expecting Good

Pat Copeland 05th January 2020

In this talk from our Sutton service, Pat Copeland reminds us of God’s goodness in 2019 and encourages us to be expectant for what He will do in 2020.


Advent: Waiting in Hope

Hannah Elwyn 08th December 2019

What does the season of Advent have to teach us about waiting in hope? In this talk, Hannah Elwyn looks at the hope we have in Jesus, who is the Light in the darkness.


Longing For Renewal

David Stroud 01st December 2019

What does it look like to live for cultural, social and spiritual renewal, celebrating what God has done in the past, and longing for Him to renew His deeds in our day? David Stroud concludes our series by looking at the prayer of Habakkuk 3.


Temples of the Spirit

Joel Wade 24th November 2019

Paul tells the Corinthians that our bodies are actually Temples of God’s Spirit. In the penultimate talk of our series, Joel considers how we should honour God with our bodies.


A Clash of Kingdoms

Liam Thatcher 17th November 2019

Everywhere he went, Jesus healed those who were sick, to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God was breaking in. In this talk, Liam considers how Jesus empowers us to heal the sick today.


A Community of Love

Tim Frisby 10th November 2019

Jesus told his disciples that their love for one another would be a powerful witness to the world. In this talk, Tim Frisby considers how the church should live as a community rooted in love.


Love London: Here to Stay

David Stroud 03rd November 2019

This year Christ Church London celebrates its 15th anniversary, and in this talk David looks back at God’s faithfulness, and inspires us to dream and pray for what is to come.


Workers for the Harvest

Lars Due-Christensen 27th October 2019

Jesus sent out 72 of his followers, telling them that the harvest is plentiful. In this talk, Lars considers Jesus’ instructions in Luke chapter 10 about how we should live as workers for the harvest.


Alpha: How did Jesus live?

Liam Thatcher 23rd October 2019

In week 3 of Alpha Liam spoke on the question, ‘How did Jesus live?’ If you missed it, catch up here.


Sent with a Message

Andy Tilsley 20th October 2019

Paul writes that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. But how will they hear about Him, unless we share the good news? Andy Tilsley considers what it means to live as those sent with a message.


Local Sunday: Stockwell

Tim Frisby 13th October 2019

In this talk, Tim Frisby talks us through 9 different ways to be a witness to the good news of Jesus.


Local Sunday: Central

David Stroud 13th October 2019

In this talk, David shares the vision for the church to be ‘built together’, just as we see in the book of Nehemiah.


Local Sunday: Sutton

Andy Tilsley 13th October 2019

In this talk, Andy Tilsley shares the vision for our Sutton service.


A Kingdom of Priests

Hannah Elwyn 06th October 2019

Peter writes to followers who are scattered across the ancient world, and he exhorts them to live as a Kingdom of Priests. In this talk Hannah considers what that dual role means for us today.


Courageous Under Pressure

Liam Thatcher 29th September 2019

How should we conduct ourselves in the face of threats? In this talk, Liam Thatcher looks at the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, and considers how God can fill us with courage in our moments of pressure.


Faithful Under Fire

Jo Wells 22nd September 2019

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are faced with a dangerous threat, and a temptation to abandon their God. In this talk from Daniel chapter 3, Jo Wells considers how we can remain faithful to God, and trust His protection when things get difficult.


Positioned for Influence

David Stroud 15th September 2019

Daniel and his friends get taken into the courts of the King. In this talk, David Stroud considers how believers should conduct ourselves, so that God can position us to be a positive influence on the fate of a nation.


A Creative Minority

Andy Tilsley 08th September 2019

What does it look like to live as a Creative Minority? And what should our posture be as we seek to follow Jesus in a post-Christian age? In the first talk of our new series, Andy Tilsley looks at the story of Daniel.


Philippians 3

Dee Wade 01st September 2019

Paul had a lot of reasons to boast, but he considers them all nothing, compared to knowing Jesus. In this talk, Dee looks at Philippians 3, and considers how we are to keep pressing on towards our heavenly calling.


Philippians 4

Nicole Lewis 01st September 2019

In the final talk of our series, Nicole looks at Philippians 4, in which Paul speaks about the
secret of contentment, and the strength that Christ provides that enables us to achieve
all things.


Summer Retreat: Distinctive Living

David Stroud 01st September 2019

In this final talk from our Church Summer Retreat, David Stroud shares about the lordship of Jesus, and how choosing to surrender to Him fully sets us apart for a life of joy.


Summer Retreat: Creating a Counter Culture

Joel Wade 30th August 2019

In this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, Joel Wade looks at the book of Daniel and considers how we can follow his example of creating a counter-culture.