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Peace in Work and Rest

Joel Wade 14th April 2019

In a culture driven by achievement and success, it can be easy to let busyness steal our peace. In this talk, Joel Wade looks at the Biblical practice of the Sabbath, and considers how we can find peace in God by living from a place of rest.


Renewing Your Mind

Liam Thatcher 07th April 2019

So much of our fear is fuelled by the voices we listen to. In this talk, Liam Thatcher considers how we can learn to resist lies, and have our mind renewed by God.


Hope for the Future

Andy Tilsley 31st March 2019

There are many reasons to be fearful about the future, with uncertainty at personal, national and international levels. In this talk, Andy Tilsley looks at how faith in the unchanging God can fill us with peace.


Peace in the Storm

Jo Wells 24th March 2019

In the first talk of our new series, Jo Wells looks at the story of Jesus and the disciples in the storm, and considers how trusting God enables us to experience peace in tumultuous times.


The Joy of Generosity

Liam Thatcher 17th March 2019

God designed us to experience joy in generosity, so that when we give away what we have, we get a foretaste of the eternal life and joy He has planned for us. In this talk Liam reflects on 1 Timothy and looks at how giving allows us to experience “the life that is truly life”.


The Kingdom of Generosity

Andy Tilsley 17th March 2019

In Matthew chapter 13, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to treasure hidden in a field, or a pearl so valuable a man sold everything he had to buy it. In this talk, Andy considers how we can dethrone the power of mammon in our lives, and instead enthrone Jesus as Lord of our hearts.


The Choice of Generosity

Joel Wade 10th March 2019

In this talk from our Bethnal Green service, Joel looks at Jesus’ teaching on money from Matthew chapter 6, and reflects on how being a generous community can be radical in a wealth-loving world.


Building a Culture of Generosity

Tim Frisby 10th March 2019

How can we build a culture of generosity? In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul describes the Macedonian church as an example of a generous and sacrificial community. In this talk, Tim considers how God provides through the community around us when we share with one another.


The Call to Generosity

David Stroud 03rd March 2019

In this talk, David considers how a lifestyle of generosity is not only good for our hearts and for our faith, but also allows us to partner with God in accomplishing His purposes.



Liam Thatcher 24th February 2019

In the last talk of the series, Liam looks at the examples of Anna and Simeon in Luke chapter 2, and how they embody what it looks like to persevere in prayer even through personal pain.



Andy Tilsley 17th February 2019

For centuries God had called His people to be a beacon of hope to the world. But instead, they had often kept their light hidden. In the final talk of our series, Andy considers Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5 about how the church should shine as a light in a dark world.



Lars Due-Christensen 10th February 2019

In Mark chapter 2, Jesus addresses the religious leaders of his day, and poses a strange riddle about wine and wineskins. In this talk, Lars explores Jesus’ saying and considers how the church needs to be made new, if we are to contain the fresh things God wants to do in us and through us.



Liam Thatcher 03rd February 2019

Right throughout the Bible, God’s people have undergone periods of fasting, where they have abstained from food and devoted themselves to prayer. In this talk, Liam considers the significance of this often-neglected practice, and how we can learn to enjoy and be strengthened by it today.


Local Sunday: Stockwell

Tim Frisby 27th January 2019

In this talk Tim shares the vision of our Stockwell service, looking back at South London’s rich spiritual heritage and raising faith for what God will do in our day.


Local Sunday: Bethnal Green

Joel Wade 27th January 2019

In this talk Joel shares the vision of our Bethnal Green service, and asks the question: what do we want to be known for?


Local Sunday: Sutton

Andy Tilsley 27th January 2019

In this talk from our Sutton service, Andy shares from 1 Corinthians 1 on how God uses us to fulfil His plans through our faith and obedience, even in our weakness.


Local Sunday: Central London

David Stroud 27th January 2019

In this talk David shares from Ezekiel 37 and reflects on the vision of dry bones coming to life, which encourages us to surrender everything to God and have faith for Him to move in miraculous ways.


Local Sunday: Sutton

Lars Due-Christensen 20th January 2019

In John chapter 4, Jesus speaks of living water that brings eternal life, and promises that those who drink from Him will never thirst. In this talk, Lars considers how we can rely on God’s spirit to bring refreshment in our daily lives, and expect to see Him move in extraordinary ways as a result.



David Stroud 20th January 2019

Ezekiel 47 depicts a beautiful scene, in which streams of living water pour out of the Temple, bringing life wherever they go. In this talk, David looks at the promise of the Holy Spirit, and how a Spirit-empowered church should be a source of life and hope.



Jo Wells 13th January 2019

Every great move of God has been built on the foundation of prayer. In this talk, Jo considers how renewal in the world around us begins with renewal in our hearts through prayer.


Local Sunday: Covent Garden

Ed Stroud 06th January 2019

In this talk from our Covent Garden service, Ed looks at how praying together as a community can bring God’s love and hope to our city in 2019.



Liam Thatcher 06th January 2019

In a sun-scorched desert, Isaac finds himself unearthing ancient wells and remembering promises God made to his forefathers. In the first talk of the series, Liam considers how Genesis 26 invites us to return to God in faith and ask Him to do new and mighty things in our generation.


Central Christmas service

David Stroud 16th December 2018

Christmas brings us together. In this talk from our Central London Christmas service, David considers that the story of Jesus’ birth teaches us how to live together despite our differences.


Rule and Reign

David Stroud 09th December 2018

The best rulers are those who walk in the way of wisdom, leading with integrity and humility. In this talk David looks at how we can use our influence well, for the good of others.


One Small Step for God

Liam Thatcher 09th December 2018

Many of us are familiar with the general themes of the Christmas story, but a little hazy on the details. But the meaning is found in the details. In this talk from our Bethnal Green Carol Service, Liam reflects on Luke 2 and how the birth of Jesus changes everything.


Guard Your Heart

Jo Wells 02nd December 2018

We are emotional beings, designed to express a full range of feelings. In this talk, Jo considers how we can guard our hearts, and learn to express our emotions in a healthy manner.


Parent Positively

Andy Tilsley 25th November 2018

Raising children is a joy, and a challenge! In this talk from our Baby Dedication Services, Andy considers some Biblical wisdom for positive parenting.


Guest Speaker

Justin Welby 18th November 2018

Justin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury and the leader of the Church of England. We were honoured to have him at Love London Sunday, as he shared from the book of Revelation on how the church can avoid being deceived and instead be a source of hope in our culture.


The Heart of Worship – Psalm 84

Liam Thatcher 18th November 2018

In this talk from our Empowered service, Liam shares from Psalm 84, and looks at how setting our hearts on worshipping God means we can be refreshed by His presence in every season of life.


Master Your Appetites

Liam Thatcher 11th November 2018

We were created with desires and appetites for food, drink and pleasure, but often it’s easier to be mastered by our appetites than to master them. In this talk, Liam looks at how we can enjoy life whilst controlling our desires.