The Simon Community

The Simon Community

The Simon Community has been working in London since 1963 to alleviate the isolation of people sleeping rough, provide a place where they can gain a sense of belonging, and foster the skills they need to move towards independent living. The charity works primarily out of a community house in Gospel Oak, providing accommodation for residents who would otherwise be homeless, however the Simon Community also provides a range of exemplary outreach services to those still on the streets via a street-work programme, including daily tea and soup runs, evening rounds and two ‘Street Cafes’ on a Saturday and Sunday lunchtime in the West End.

The weekend Street Cafes are based in the courtyard of St Giles in the Field Church in the heart of Covent Garden, just a couple of minutes walk away from our West End Service. Guests who attend the street cafes do so because it is an opportunity to meet and socialise with friends and be part of a community, without worrying about being moved on. The street cafes are run by volunteers who provide a warm welcome and friendly conversation.

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Jonny Blake

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