Mentoring Refugees

Mentoring Refugees

London is home to thousands of refugees who have fled conflict zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran and Zimbabwe. Many have suffered horrific exploitation and once in the UK they face months of uncertainty as their cases are investigated.

In partnership with Refugee Support Network we are running an educational mentoring scheme in Lambeth, with young refugees referred to us through local colleges and refugee organisations.

Mentoring is a great way of serving refugees as it gives us a chance to help them practically, supporting them to progress to the next stage of their education or employment, whilst also building stable relationships with them and showing genuine care and love. Each mentor and young person meet for at least four hours per month for six months.

We are always in need of new mentors to join our team. If you have a heart for nations in conflict and turmoil and a desire to meet the needs of refugees living in our communities, please get in touch.


Hannah Elwyn

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