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Theology Matters: The Trinity

To many Christians, the Trinity is a strange and confusing mystery, too difficult to bother trying to get our heads round. To others it feels like an abstract idea with no practical relevance. These seminars show that the Trinity is actually a beautiful, life-giving idea that should cause us to worship.

Session 1: Introducing the Trinity

Liam Thatcher 1st March 2017

The Trinity is a mystery: a deeply complex idea at the heart of the Christian faith. So if it’s a mystery, why bother thinking about it at all? In this first session, we introduce the idea of the Trinity and begin to explore how God’s triune nature is revealed through Scripture.


Session 2: How (not) to think about the Trinity

Liam Thatcher

How is the Trinity revealed to us? What does the interaction between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the gospels tell us about God’s eternal nature? And what are some helpful (and unhelpful) ways in which we can begin to think and talk about the Trinity?


Session 3: Creation and Salvation

Liam Thatcher

What does the Trinity achieve? And what can we learn from looking at the activity of God in the world? This session considers the role of the Trinity in creation and salvation, and the difference it makes knowing we are made and saved by a Triune God.


Session 4: The Trinity and the Christian Life

Liam Thatcher

This final session considers what practical differences the Trinity makes to the Christian life, and how having an accurate view of the Trinity can enrich our prayer and our worship.


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