Theology Matters: New Creation

Many Christians assume that the point of the gospel is that we get to spend eternity in heaven when we die. But is that really what the Bible teaches? These seminars look at what the Bible says about heaven, new creation, and life after death.

Session 1 / Creation and Exodus

Liam Thatcher 24th February 2018

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. But why? In this session we will look at how the stories of the creation and exodus help us understand the relationship between Heaven and Earth, the purpose of humanity, God’s plan for salvation, and our eternal destiny.


Session 2 / Resurrection and Judgement

Liam Thatcher

In this second session, we consider how the Old Testament prophets thought about salvation, the eternal destination of humanity, and the fate of the world. In particular, we look at some of the difficult passages that talk about resurrection and judgment.


Session 3 / The Renewal of All Things

Liam Thatcher

In this session we consider how Jesus’ life, work, teaching, and resurrection tie together various strands from the Old Testament and teach us about God’s ultimate plan for the renewal of all things.


Session 4 / Hope Prepared in Heaven

Liam Thatcher

In this final session we look at how God prepares in heaven what He reveals on earth. And we will unpack John’s vision in Revelation 21-22, considering how it fulfils God’s original purposes for creation and His image bearers.


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