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The Power of a Whisper

Both the Bible and history are full of stories of individuals achieving amazing things, in response to promptings from God. These prompts are rarely loud and often subtle. Like a whisper, they are precious and easy to miss. In this series, we will consider how to recognise the whispers of God, and respond accordingly.

The Divine Whisperer

Liam Thatcher 3rd April 2016

Does God whisper today? In the first talk of this new series, Liam looks at Hebrews 1 and considers what it can teach us about the kind of world in which we live, and the role God’s whispers have in sustaining and guiding our lives.


Recognising the Whisper

David Stroud 10th April 2016

If we are to spot promptings from God, we need to know what we’re looking for. In this talk, David considers the various ways in which God speaks today, in order to help us recognise His whispers.


Trusting the Whisper

David Stroud 17th April 2016

How do we know if we are really hearing from God? What if we’re wrong? In this talk, David Stroud considers some practical questions to help us learn to weigh the whispers and respond with wisdom.


Listening for the Whisper

Andy Tilsley 24th April 2016

A whisper is a subtle and precious thing, easy to miss. If we are to hear God’s whispers, we will need to draw close to Him and learn to listen. In this talk, Andy considers how we can make a regular practice of listening to God.


Following the Whisper

Jo Wells 1st May 2016

It’s one thing to hear a whisper from God. It’s another to respond. In this final talk of the series, Jo considers how we can put faith into action, responding to the things God is asking us to do.