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Summer Retreat 2021

Catch up on all the talks from our Summer Retreat at Ashburnham Place

The Love of God

Andy Tilsley 28th August 2021

Romans chapter 5 paints a beautiful picture of God’s loving pursuit of His children. In this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, Andy takes us through this passage and draws out what it means to truly know God’s love, and to boast in the hope of the glory of God.


Heavenly Wisdom

Joel Wade

As part of our Church Summer Retreat, Joel Wade shared this message from James chapter 3, looking at what it means to live our lives with the wisdom of heaven.



Hannah Elwyn

The word repentance can often have negative connotations. But in this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, Hannah looks at Psalm 51, which shows us that repenting can actually be a beautiful act of bringing our whole selves to God – our sin, our pain, our suffering – and finding He meets us with love, forgiveness and acceptance.


Our Story

David Stroud 29th August 2021

In this talk from our Church Summer Retreat, David Stroud shares the four foundations that define our community as Christ Church London: commitment to God, a longing for His glory, shared vision and values, and loving relationships.