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From creation, God instilled wisdom, knowledge and understanding into the fabric of life. In this series, we'll look at how we apply the sacred wisdom from this book in our secular age.

The Beginning of Wisdom

Liam Thatcher 2nd September 2018

In this talk, Liam kicks of our sermon series on Proverbs by looking at the importance of wisdom, knowledge and understanding throughout creation, and how building our lives on Jesus lays the foundation that can weather the storms of life.


Work Well

Lars Due-Christensen 9th September 2018

If we want to thrive and prosper, Proverbs says, we need to work hard. In this talk, Lars looks at the sluggard and the ants, and considers the importance of diligence and the danger of laziness.


Listen and Learn

David Stroud 16th September 2018

Wisdom cries out to anyone who will listen. But not all hear her voice. In this talk, David considers the importance of being humble and teachable, if we are to walk in the way of Wisdom.


Walk with the Wise

Jo Wells 23rd September 2018

The people we surround ourselves with have the power to influence us, for good and for bad. In this talk, Jo considers how we can choose friends wisely, and be a community who spur one another on to love and good deeds.


Love Wisely

Andy Tilsley 30th September 2018

All of us long for fulfilling relationships that last. In this talk, Andy looks at how we can develop healthy relationships, protect good boundaries, and avoid temptation.


Speak Life

Hannah Elwyn 14th October 2018

Our words are powerful. They have the potential to build up or tear down. In this talk Hannah Elwyn thinks about the importance of guarding our mouths, and speaking truth that refreshes and brings life.


Love Wisdom, not Wealth

Liam Thatcher 21st October 2018

Proverbs has a lot to say about money, both its blessing and its dangers. In this talk, Liam considers three principles for how we should pursue wisdom, discipline and faith in relation to our finances.


Be Generous

David Stroud 28th October 2018

Generosity is the sign of a healthy heart, and when we use our money to refresh others, we get refreshed in return. In this talk, David looks at the importance of generosity and some principles for healthy giving.


Seek Justice

Tim Frisby 4th November 2018

“The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.” In this talk, Tim looks at what this proverb teaches us about the different causes of poverty, and what we can do in response.


Master Your Appetites

Liam Thatcher 11th November 2018

We were created with desires and appetites for food, drink and pleasure, but often it’s easier to be mastered by our appetites than to master them. In this talk, Liam looks at how we can enjoy life whilst controlling our desires.


Parent Positively

Andy Tilsley 25th November 2018

Raising children is a joy, and a challenge! In this talk from our Baby Dedication Services, Andy considers some Biblical wisdom for positive parenting.


Guard Your Heart

Jo Wells 2nd December 2018

We are emotional beings, designed to express a full range of feelings. In this talk, Jo considers how we can guard our hearts, and learn to express our emotions in a healthy manner.


Rule and Reign

David Stroud 9th December 2018

The best rulers are those who walk in the way of wisdom, leading with integrity and humility. In this talk David looks at how we can use our influence well, for the good of others.