Many people believe that the church is shrinking and is no longer of any value to society. But we think that when done right, church should be an attractive and beneficial component of city life. This series draws lessons form the early churches as they multiplied across the cities of the ancient world.

Jerusalem: A Sacrificial Church

Andy Tilsley 27th September 2015

The story of the church begins at Jerusalem, where a small group of followers of Jesus sought to live lives marked out by sacrifice, devotion and commitment to community. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers what we can learn from their example.


Macedonia: A Generous Church

David Stroud 4th October 2015

If the churches in Macedonia were known for anything, it was their generosity. In this talk, David looks at 2 Corinthians 8-9 and considers how we can model our own generosity on the generosity God has shown to us.


Antioch: A Resourcing Church

Liam Thatcher 18th October 2015

As Christians scattered throughout the ancient world, the church at Antioch became a resourcing church. They benefitted from help from others, and sent people out to help those in other cities. In this talk, Liam Thatcher looks at the lessons we can learn, as we seek to be a church that Engages with Everything, Empowered by the Spirit.


Galatia: A Welcoming Church

Andy Tilsley 25th October 2015

The church at Galatia started well; breaking down barriers, welcoming everyone. But over time things began to get fragmented, and Paul had to write some challenging words to them. In this talk Andy Tilsley considers how we can build a church that is welcoming to everyone.


Corinth: An Empowered Church

David Stroud 8th November 2015

Church should be a place where worshippers can experience God and be empowered by him for all of life. But it should also be a place where seekers can explore faith in a safe and accessible way. In this talk, David Stroud looks at Paul’s writing to the Corinthians on how they can achieve that balance.


Rome: A Community Church

Jo Wells 15th November 2015

The church in Rome faced huge relational challenges, and Paul wrote them a long letter about reconciliation between different groups of people. In this talk, Jo looks at Romans 12 and considers how we can be a church were people find loving community.


Athens: An Engaged Church

Liam Thatcher 22nd November 2015

In Acts 17, Paul preaches in Athens, quoting Greek poets and playwrights and helping his hearers understand that the unknown God could be known, and He was closer than they thought. In this talk, Liam Thatcher looks at some of the traces of God that are tucked away in our culture.


Ephesus: A Loving Church

Tim Frisby 6th December 2015

The church in Ephesus started so well. They were known for their love, for God, for each other and for those around them. But within a few decades they had lost their way… In this talk, Tim looks at Jesus’ and Paul’s instructions to the Ephesians’ church, and considers how we can keep love central to all that we do.