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In the book of Romans, Paul teaches that followers of Jesus should consider themselves to be Living Sacrifices, treating the whole of our lives as worship to God. In this series we’re going to unpack that idea by working through Romans 12, considering what it means for us as we seek to love and serve one another, build deep and genuine community, navigate challenging seasons of life, and be a blessing to our city. 

True Worship

Andy Tilsley 6th June 2021

It’s a well-known idea that we become what we behold. The things to which we give our time, attention and worship have the power to shape our thinking and our lives. In the first talk of our new series, Andy looks at Romans 12:1-2 and considers what it means for us to have our minds renewed and transformed by God.


One body, many gifts

David Stroud 13th June 2021

All of us have different gifts. It can be tempting to value certain gifts and skills more than others, but every gift is needed if the church is to flourish. In this talk, David looks at Paul’s picture of the church as a body, and considers the importance of humility and service.


Love and honour

Jo Wells 20th June 2021

We all like the idea of love. But much of what we consider to be love is little more than sentimentalism. If the church is to thrive, we need to cultivate genuine love for one another; love that celebrates the good, and protects against that which is evil. In the third talk of our series Jo looks at Paul’s instructions to love and honour one another.


Fire and Fuel

Liam Thatcher 27th June 2021

Following Jesus was never meant to be dull. But often challenging seasons can rob us of our spiritual vibrancy. In this talk, Liam considers how we can cultivate a vibrant spiritual life rejoicing in hope, being patient in trials, and constant in prayer.


Practice hospitality

Tim Frisby 5th July 2021

It’s one thing to say we love others; it’s another thing to demonstrate it through concrete actions. One of the key ways we can love and serve one another is through living generously. In this talk, Tim considers how we can build a community in which people’s needs are met, we enjoy being together, and we are known for our hospitality.


Rejoice together, mourn together

David Stroud 11th July 2021

All of us go through different seasons; seasons of joy and celebration, and seasons of hardship and sorrow. But none of us should go through them alone. In this talk, David looks at Paul’s instructions for us to walk through each season together, rejoicing and mourning with one another.