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Acts of the Spirit

Jesus’ ministry didn’t stop when he ascended into Heaven. Rather he continued his work through many people and church communities. This series looks at the book of Acts, considering some of the characteristics of churches that are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of Power

Liam Thatcher 24th September 2017

A small band of disciples gathered in Jerusalem, waiting as Jesus had told them to, for the promised Holy Spirit. And when Pentecost came, everything changed. In the first talk of our new series, Liam looks at what it means to be empowered by the Spirit.


The Spirit of Devotion

Andy Tilsley 8th October 2017

One of the hallmarks of the early church was their incredible generosity. In this talk, Andy considers what we can learn from the church’s sacrificial attitude, and how we can also practice generosity today.


The Spirit of Boldness

Jo Wells 22nd October 2017

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would fill the disciples with boldness. In this talk, Jo looks at the story of Philip, who unexpectedly found himself sharing the good news about Jesus through a divine encounter.


The Spirit of Faith

Andy Tilsley 29th October 2017

The book of Acts is full of incredible stories, of healings, miracles, signs and wonders. In this talk, Andy looks at Peter’s miraculous escape from prison, and considers how we can learn to pray with faith in the power of the Spirit.


The Spirit of Mission

David Stroud 5th November 2017

The early church swept across the ancient world, driven by a powerful mixture of faith, strategy, and the guidance of the Spirit. In this talk, David looks at how the Holy Spirit leads and empowers us to start new churches.


The Spirit of Unity

Tim Frisby 12th November 2017

This talk was recorded at our South Dedication Service. The first place Jesus’ disciples were ever called ‘Christians’ was in Antioch – one of the biggest, most multi-cultural cities in the Roman Empire. In this talk, Tim explains why that was, and how the Spirit works to bring unity between very different types of people by forming them into one, new family.


The Spirit of Unity

Liam Thatcher

One of the hallmarks of the early church was its incredible diversity. Cultural, social, and ethnic barriers were torn down, as the Holy Spirit united people from hugely different backgrounds. In this talk, Liam considers how we can build a diverse and inclusive church.


The Spirit of Sacrifice

Andy Tilsley 26th November 2017

When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, they began living for something greater, even being willing to lay down their lives for others. In the final talk of this series, Andy Tilsley considers how the Holy Spirit causes us to live sacrificial lives.