Created for Connection

Created for Connection

We all long for deep, meaningful and healthy relationships, but sometimes life can get in the way and it can become difficult to maintain intimacy. Created for Connection is a seven week course for married couples that aims to help you strengthen and enrich your relationship.

The material is well researched in helping couples to regain understanding of one another and creating a deeper, safer connection. The course helps couples find new ways to work through conflict, engage with one another, forgive one another when we may have got it wrong, trust again, and sustain a healthy sex life. It also provides practical help for keeping a relationship alive and well.

The course is designed so that couples will:

Better understand romantic love and the pivotal moves that define their relationship.

Better understand their own and their partners emotional responses and needs.

Be able to describe and control negative interactions / spirals that create pain and distance.

Be able to shape the positive moments of reaching and responding that create a secure bond.

Better grasp the God-given nature of love in marriage/ relationship.

Created for Connection involves watching films, reading and group discussion and is a safe, confidential place where there’s no judgement. Just as there are no perfect people, there are no perfect marriages, and we all need to learn and re-learn how to do marriage well.

Created for Connection will begin in 2018.


Sharon Mukungu