New to London

Calling all those who are new to London. Welcome to the city, welcome to church, welcome home.

Whether you have moved to London for study, work, or something completely different, we know that moving to a new city or country can have its challenges, ranging from the very practical to the social, and everything in between.  

What is there to do in my local area?

Where do I get an Oyster card, and what is it?!

How can I make friends?

Our church is made up of people from all over the world, and many of us have been in your shoes.

We would love to connect you with someone who knows what it’s like to be new, for coffee, friendship and community. They may also be able to support you with some of the more practical challenges of moving cities, to help make London feel like home.

If you’d like to connect with someone, send us a message using the form below, and one of our church community will be in touch.

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