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The Beloved Son
Tim Frisby

Jesus stands atop a mountain, and suddenly he is transformed, so that his disciples see him as he truly is. In this talk, Tim considers the story of the transfiguration, and what it teaches us about Jesus’ glory.



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Latest talks

The Holy King

David Stroud 10th June 2018

Isaiah describes a dramatic encounter with God’s glory, in which he is convicted of his inadequacy. In this talk, David looks at how God’s holiness should inspire us to worship.


The Glory on the Throne

Liam Thatcher 3rd June 2018

Ezekiel describes a mysterious vision of God’s glory. It’s so mysterious that he can barely put it into words. In this talk, Liam looks at a humbling paradox of God; He is unknowable, and yet knowable.


The Pillar of Fire and Cloud

Jack Wells 27th May 2018

God has heard the cries of His people suffering in Egypt, and come to set them free. And He does so in the form of a pillar of fire and cloud. In this talk, we consider how God leads, protects and fights for His people.

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Talk series

Scripture is full of moments where people catch a glimpse of the Lord and fall down in awe. In this series, we look at some of these Visions of God, considering what they tell us about Him, and why that should lead us to worship.

In Ephesians 6, Paul describes how we can be equipped to stand strong against trials and struggles. This series looks at the armour of God, and considers the habits and practices that will strengthen us for the Christian life.

Many Christians assume that the point of the gospel is that we get to spend eternity in heaven when we die. But is that really what the Bible teaches? These seminars look at what the Bible says about heaven, new creation, and life after death.

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Through the Ages

In November 2017, we launched our debut album. Give it a listen and find out more about how, why and who was involved below.

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