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Jesus Feeds the 5000 - Kids at home Sunday 14th June

Today we are going to learn that with Jesus, we will always have what we need!

What wonderful news! He can take the small things that we have and turn them into big things! Today we are going to look at one amazing miracle where Jesus feeds over 5000 people, with just a little boy’s lunch!

Let’s start with some worship! Feel free to sing and dance or just watch and listen, Jesus doesn’t mind HOW we worship, he just loves it when we spend time with him and sing his praises!

Alive – Hillsong Young & Free

This is Amazing Grace – Bethel Kids

What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Kids

Our God is a Great Big God – Vineyard Kids

Story time

Jesus feeds the 5000 – Saddleback Kids!

Note to families:

Page 244 if you have the Jesus Storybook Bible at home and prefer to read this to your little ones!

Some important points to remember from the story…

  • Jesus was always helping people, He performed many amazing miracles and He was kind and loving and a great storyteller! Because of this, in some towns Jesus was really popular and lots of people came to see Him and hear what He had to say! This was why there was such a big crowd of thousands of people who followed Jesus to listen to Him.
  • The people loved listening to Jesus so much that they stayed for a very long time and then got very hungry! The problem was, they hadn’t brought enough food with them! No one knew where their food would come from, the disciples even asked Jesus “How are we going to feed these people?”
  • Jesus answered all of them with one boy’s lunch of five loaves of bread and two fish, the little boy gave all that he had to Jesus and Jesus said thank you to God for giving them food and then He multiplied it and suddenly there was enough food for everyone, there were even leftovers they had so much!
  • Jesus didn’t ask His friends to perform something that they couldn’t, He just asked them what they had. Jesus can use whatever we have and turn it into something amazing! He took one little lunch and blessed 5000 people with it, He can do the same thing with us! He can take what we have, even if it seems small or like we don’t have much to give, and bless others with it.
  • This wonderful miracle reminds us that God can give us exactly what we need, and He can do it from places we may not expect! This is why we can always trust God to provide for us! On that day, what people needed was some food because they were hungry. On other days, when people needed different things, God provided those too. Jesus was always meeting the needs of people, He healed people who were sick, He became friends with people who didn’t have any friends and he forgave people when they had made mistakes. Jesus can meet any need you or I have because Jesus is all that we need!

Some things to talk to your family about…

  • Can you remember any of the other miracles that Jesus did? Is there one that you enjoy hearing about the most?
  • Which things amazed and surprised you about what Jesus did?
  • Why do you think that Jesus wanted to feed 5000 families?
  • How do you think the little boy felt when Jesus used his gift for a miracle?
  • What are needs? What are the things that we need every day? (Food, water etc) What else do we need? (Love, friendship, wisdom, comfort, peace)
  • After reading the story today, do you think Jesus can help you, even when things might seem impossible? How does that make you feel?
  • What are some needs you can trust God for this week?

Memory verse

With God, all things are possible! – Matthew 19:26

The miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 is pretty incredible isn’t it? But this is just one of the many miracles that Jesus did! In fact, His good friend John said that Jesus did so many other things that if every one of them was written down, the whole world might not have enough room for all the books that would be written! Wow! Jesus uses ordinary people, like you and I and the little boy whose lunch He used to do extraordinary things!


As a family, why don’t you each have a go at drawing something that you use every day – e.g. a pencil, a spoon or a toothbrush. Try and all draw something different! After a few minutes, swap pieces of paper and try and think of two or more ways that you can use that object in a way that is different to what it is usually used for! E.g. A toothbrush could also scratch your back!

Amazing! You have just taken something ordinary and shown that there are lots of ways that it can be used. There are also lots of ways that God can use us! Why don’t you think about and share one thing about you (or you as a family) that God could use in big ways? Remember, with God all things are possible!

Prayer time

In the story that we read today, Jesus showed us that He can take something small and turn it into something big! He took one little boy’s lunch and He fed thousands of people! He met the needs of the people and He showed us that He can meet all of our needs too! What amazing news! Why don’t you take a moment to think about anything that you might need today or this week?  Why don’t you talk to God about this and ask Him to help you with it? Or you can just pray the prayer below with your family!

Dear Jesus,

 Thank you that you love us so much and that you love to take care of us! Thank you that you provide for us and that we can trust you to give us everything that we need! Thank you that you can take something really small and use it to make a huge difference! I pray that you would use the small things that we have to make a huge difference and help us to be a blessing to others.


Craft time

5 loaves of bread and 2 fish!

Materials needed:

  • Card/Paper
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape
  • Colouring pens and pencils
  • String/Ribbon


  • Gems/Stickers
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper plates

Note to families:

The Bible App for kids is another good resource to use at home with your children if you’d like. You’ll find animated bible stories, as well as different activities related to each story that the children may be able to complete or themselves or that you can complete all together as a family.