Exploring Faith?

Exploring Faith?

We think that church should be a place for everyone to explore the meaningful questions about life.

Why are we here? Does God exist? Who is Jesus, and why is He good news?

Maybe you’ve never been to church and don’t know what it’s about. Maybe you’re wondering what Christians believe, or perhaps you’ve attended church for years but not felt like you’ve ever understood why. Whatever stage you’re at, if you’re thinking about faith there are loads of ways to explore it further. Here are a range of options, click on each link to find more details:

Alpha is an eight-week course built around discussion and sharing food together, designed to help you talk through some of the important, fundamental questions about faith in a non-pressurised environment.

If you’ve already completed Alpha and haven’t yet been to a church service, a good next step would be to check out one or more of the options below.

Sunday Services
We hold four services across London at different times and in different locations every week, and our Welcome teams would love to help you get connected and answer your questions.

Seek Connect Group
We have a number of different mid-week groups that meet regularly across London, and the Seek Connect group is a community specifically for people who are exploring faith.

We think faith should make a difference to the way that we live. We all have areas in our lives that we want to change: fears, insecurities, unhelpful patterns of behaviour. STEPS is a nine-week course which provides a safe environment to work through any of these challenges.

Social Action
If you’re interested in making a positive difference in your community, there are lots of different social action projects that you can get involved in, including GrowTH homeless shelter in Tower Hamlets and our Foodbank in Vauxhall.

Recommended Resources
There are a whole host of great books and resources that can help you to think through some of the big questions about life.

Get in Touch
If you’d like an informal chat about some of your questions about faith, please feel free to get in contact.


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